Any watch fans out there?

Hey all, I’m a bit of a watch enthusiast and am considering my next purchase. I’m conflicted on whether to go for a mid-tier timepiece like a Tudor (they now make their own in-house movements) or an Omega or go full out and get my dream watch - a Rolex Datejust (41mm) or a Submariner.

The prices of steel rolexes is keeping me away at the moment. I’m wondering if waiting for an economic downturn is the right move before buying a Rolex. As of this moment, you can’t walk in to an AD and buy a steel sports model because of the demand. A $9500 MSRP submariner w date is trading on the USED market for higher than new retail. I almost bought a new GMT Master II (Pepsi) in 2012 from the AD in a short hills. I believe the MSRP then was around $8900. That same watch is selling used for $14,000-16,000 today :/

1 week ago

I like the moon watch.

On the Tudor- I like the new black bay bronze with the slate face on the canvas strap.

Don't care for any Rolex, I put them in the same category as a modern Ferrari- someone with money and no imagination.

If you want to afford a Rolex, just avoid the gold bands. Gold price compared to 7-8 years ago is a big factor.

If I was going to pay $6000 for a large size Rolex, I'd be buying a Breitling instead.

A Tudor looks like a whole lot of others, I'd go for the Omega out of the given choices.

But personally I can't put $2000-$3000 into something and risk smashing it. I get a $150-$250 Bulova with the extra strong divers glass that looks just like an Omega. I smashed the glass on a half dozen supposedly unbreakable watches. Then I got the Bulova and in 25 years have managed to only partially damage the glass once.

I am a collector. My best suggestion is that you should really get a combination of what you really want and what you can really afford!
I collect across the board of the high end brands and other brands as well. Some of my most expensive watches are not the most comfortable. I purchased them as “enjoyable inheritance“ for my kids. There are some good watch groups on Facebook and other social media. Even though I have come across some jerky people on them they are a good place to make purchases without the retail mark up. You can get full sets-all paperwork, guarantees, and boxes.

Independent observer Independent observer
7 days ago

“ I put them in the same category as a modern Ferrari- someone with money and no imagination.” ouch lol. I can’t say I agree with this statement but understand the sentiment. Lots of people just going after the branding have sort of ruined it for the enthusiast. One positive, in that regard, is its strong resale because of the popularity. Another reason for Rolex how tough of a watch they are. Both Rolex and Panerai (another great tool watch) use very robust movements.

I too really like the moon watch and the new Tudor Black Bay heritage series. I’m partial to the S&G personally. The bronze looks good but I heard people are having issues with it tarnishing easily. Maybe not the best material for those of us with sweaty wrists.

GC, I agree to a point. I’ve been wearing nice seikos, Hamiltons, Orients, Tissots etc for years and still have many of them. I’m just looking to step up my watch game a bit.

I think I’ll stay in the sub $5,000 range this time and avoid Rolex. I think the Omega Speedmaster Moon is a nice next step up without having the responsibility of a $10,000 watch on my wrist.

Thanks for all the feedback and if anyone has watch questions or comments, please feel free to post them here. Any makes and models welcome. I’m far from a watch snob and, as I type this, I’m wearing a quartz (the horror!!) a Seiko SNA-411 flighty on a leather strap. She’s a beaut!

7 days ago

I have numerous Seiko. Some beautiful watches at a good price point. Especially if you look into the JDM only options.

Hamilton has a few I like. I tend to like field/tool simple over busy and bling, but a few Breitling float my boat, just not at the cost I would lay out unless I won the lottery.

The speedy can be had with a sapphire lens which is more durable, but a different shape and rim clouding that disrupts the look in my opinion compared to the classic hesalite. Also costs a lot more. If you like seeing the internals though- it is lens on both the front and the back. Again I prefer the traditional solid back with the words.

Some Bell & Ross are cool.

I also like the Gulf Monaco since I am a car guy-

There are a lot of 'replica' watches which are getting really good at dirt cheap prices.

Yeah I know a bit about reps. Noob factory and ARF are two Chinese companies that make some very hard to spot Submariner reps for around $500-$600 complete with sapphire crystal and even (so they claim) a copy of Rolex oyster steel which is 904L stainless. I just don’t know if I’d feel right wearing a fake. Homage watch, sure. But straight up replica? Idk. I e thought about and have done research but never pulled the trigger. At $500-$600 there are plenty of legit Submarimer homages like the Steinhart.

7 days ago

And yes, the Tag Monaco is a great watch and I love the case shape.

7 days ago

Just go for the Rolex, you won't regret it.
As far as TAG HEUER I liked the blue "Silverstone" which came out for the 150th anniversary of TAG HEUER. I like watches too but mainly just look.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
7 days ago

How about a nice Patek Phillipe?

Royal Oak

Yeah one of my dream watches is an AP Royal Oak in rose gold.

Patek is the greatest watch company on the planet but, unfortunately for me, their prices reflect that.

7 days ago

My dream is to find a patek at a garage sale for like $10!! All you need is a dollar and a dream! Or $10 and some really big dreams!!!!

Independent observer Independent observer
6 days ago

Breitlings are my favorites as well, just can’t justify spending $6k on a watch yet..

Re: Any watch fans out there?

I like the simple beauty of a House Of Marley watch.
I have the one in the upper left corner.

Re: Any watch fans out there?

It's interesting how many Horologists are popping up out of the woodwork.
I've always been interested in watches and watch movements because of the technical
sophistication and the art and science behind it. Watchmakers were pretty much the first and main automata/robot makers and you can see a collection of their efforts at the Morris Museum's Murtogh D. Guinness collection:

Unfortunately, as something to wear, watches and I do not particularly get along very well. Apparently I got that from my Dad who seems to have stopped every mechanical watch he's worn, so he finally gave up on wearing them altogether. I'm not quite as bad, but I'd hate to buy a nice watch and either not be able to wear it or end up stopping it. Personally, I also can't see just putting them in a display case to look at them. My only personal "collectible" is an original Tissot Rock Watch, which while it's quartz, the whole idea of a watch whose case was made of rock was an interesting idea for a former geology major. Being quartz-based, rather than mechanical I was able to actually wear it.

I do have some personal favorites, but they're out of most people's price range, including mine. On the cheaper side, Breitling, Bvlgari, Hamilton have made some nice models, but I LOVE the Breguet 7077BB, but hey, at nearly $80K suggested retail, that's a nice house down payment or a car:-) I really love the Bovet Grand Récital 22 is just amazing, but yeah, price again at what, 5 times the Breguet. The Patek Philippe's are lovely too. Now this Bovet... I just don't have words!

Yeah, I'll just keep watching watch repair and restoration videos on youtube thanks!

Phil D. Phil D.
6 days ago

I have a Submariner, Navitimer, Omega Planet Ocean and a Panerai 111. I also have several Seiko's, Citizens and microbrands. My advice if you're going to spend hard earned dollars on an expensive watch, you really can't go wrong with Rolex. They hold their value and sometimes increase in value. That can't be said for most other brands. Most usually lose half their value instantly. This is realized if you ever try to trade in for something else. My other piece of advice, is to buy "used". For the same reason one buys high end cars used. Good bargains and you can take advantage of heavily depreciated pieces. Panerai is a good example of this. They were highly regarded in the 90's and the company has turned out dozens of special editions and boutique editions. But honestly, the price doesn't hold.

I've also handled my fair share of high end replicas. Not to try and pull them off, but really to see how much I like the watch. I can't tell you how many times I like something but after wearing it for a week i'm glad I didn't spend for the real thing.

Good luck, it's a fun hobby to discuss with other enthusiasts, especially in a no watch apple watch wearing world.

Thanks Steve! You have quite the collection! Do you have the older Sub or the newer “maxi-case” ceramic bezeled watch?

Phil D- Breuget is a super high-end timepiece that, in my opinion, doesn’t get its due as often as it should. The do however fall into that “loses half their value instantly” scenario Steve mentioned. Some of their solid gold offerings are absolute works of art.

6 days ago

I have the newer maxi-sub Ceramic. I sold an older version to help fund it. I like the newer style a little better.
If I can, I'd really recommend the microbrand Zelos.
They have a nice selection of dive watches and others. Also very good pricing on bronze cased watches, if that's your thing. I have 3 of their bronze editions. I wasn't going to even try to score a Bronzo Panerai. Way too much.

I'm a collector. Have a wide variety. Breitling, IWC Portofino, Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster. , Tissot, Citizen, Meistersinger, Tag, Fortis, etc. I like a little bit of everything. Well, everything except for Rolex. Just have never interested me. I I will own one at some point. Ultimate goal is an A Lange & Sohne.

Cheap or otherwise, my taste varies. I wear an Citizen eco drive as much as my Breitling or IWC. Breitling tends to be my favorite. Omegas are nice. Looking to add a Panerai 1392 next.

I second the notion of buying what interests you/ what you can afford.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
5 days ago

Totally agree Meister buy what you like and can afford. If you like it, who cares what the value might be later on. Never buy watches for investment purposes. Fortunately or Unfortunately, depending on your point of view, Rolex does seem to hold it's value amongst it's high priced brethren. I won't try to justify their cost for a stainless steel watch. The sub is way overpriced for what it is. In some ways I like my planet ocean more. It's a better value for a watch that is very similar in spec. The added bonus is Omega has now gone back to in house movements.

This is nice-

Not that I'd spend that much.

Any opinions on the Omega speedmaster reduced? I like the idea of the 39mm case but I kind of have a feeling it wouldn’t scratch the itch like the regular full-sized moon watch. I’ve never owned a tool watch under 40mm so if anyone has any experience owning, or even handling one, please let me know your thoughts.

4 days ago

I haven't handled one, but anything under 40mm being a turnoff. Just my opinion. What's the traditional size of the speedmaster 42 or 44mm?

Normal Speedmasters are 42, but Racing series are over 44.

A normal speed master fit is fine for me, if anything I wouldn’t mind it being slightly larger, I would not want it to be any smaller.

Yeah, the more I think about it, that 39mm includes the bezel so the dial itself would look even smaller on my wrist. Speedy reduced-nixed!

2 days ago

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