Is this your cat?

If anyone is missing a cat Hackettstown Independence - Ketcham Road .. He wandered in my garage keeping warm on blankets .. he looks healthy and definitely cared for .. beautiful cat.. he doesn’t have a collar. please contact me if you lost a cat .. Garret 973-219-0592

Can you post a picture?

Calico696 Calico696
2 weeks ago

Re: Is this your cat?

Lost cat in hackettstown... anyone lose a cat in hackettstown or independence area ?? doesn’t look like a farm cat . He is very we taking care of .. he Wandered in my garage ..

cute cat :)
maybe post on FB as well L & F Pets of Warren and Hunterdon Counties.

Unfortunately we don’t have fb .. So if anyone wants to post this on their Facebook please feel free too post and I will leave my number if you need any additional information or more pictures on this cat. It’s a boy has not been fix-has not been declawed-friendly-clean-white paws... I still can not believe someone has not claimed this beautiful cat .. it is most definitely lost its too clean and friendly.. if anyone has any other ideas on what to do please let me know .. 973-219-0592 Garret

I hope you find his owners. Thank you for feeding and keeping warm this beautiful lost pet!

Hackresident Hackresident
2 weeks ago

Re: Is this your cat?

Yes I feel bad for this good looking fella .. he was very hungry and thirsty and he was shivering cold found him at night time laying on a blanket in my garage.. I fed him and keeping him warm .. if someone wants to post his picture on fb please do so.. I don't have fb.. Thank you 973-219-0592

Garret, you are an awesome human! Keeping him warm and fed is such a kind act. He looks just like my guy Rigby. He was either lost or abdondond, def. not ferral as they don't get close to anyone. If I didnt have four cats, and rent I'd take him in a heart beat.

I'll share his picture on my fb. I will only give your phone number if someone private messages me........I hate to put it out there for all to see.

You are a kind soul!

littlelu littlelu
2 weeks ago

Agree 100%, you're awesome Garrett for trying to help. Sadly so many are booted out or dumped. Hope that's not the case but being unaltered is going to make him wander so if he does have an owner, they don't really care. If you'd like to get him fixed, I have some low cost options I can tell you about. I also have a brand new heated mat you're welcome to have for him. Just message me thru here. You emailed me earlier and I did respond.

Re: Is this your cat?

Thank you all for your help . Yes please feel free to give my number out to anyone that can help this cat.. I would take him in but I have a dog and I never had a cat before... I’m worried this is someone’s cat and he is being missed and they just didn’t find the right outlet yet to find him. Thank you (WORRIED)I have a heating blanket for him .. and I’m going out today to buy more cat food.. And (LITTLELU) feel free to give out my number or post on Facebook no worries.. and if anyone needs additional pics I can send them .. Thank you

If you need more food or litter, let me know. With my two cats, I'm well stocked up on both.

That’s very nice of you GC

Positive Positive
2 weeks ago

Re: Is this your cat?

Easy for you to say Positive. He's not giving away YOUR food. ;-)

Not to worry, we try to help here in HackCATStown. A little of my food will go a long way.

Well Sugar, I see you’re all meow and no bite. Apparently, you are a big softy behind that that tiger exterior.

Positive Positive
2 weeks ago

Welcome to my world Positive...

I passed this along to neighbor/friend who posts to Warren County Lost and Found pets....hopefully that will help

looks like he's home---Found on Ketcham Rd in Independence Township. He looks like someone’s cat, very plump, but he was shivering out in the cold. Very friendly. Please contact me if this is your cat and please share so we can find the owner. Thanks!

John Ritchie Hi Melissa. This may be my cat, Freddy but I am not certain. Any way I could come up there and see him?

Marina Meyko Hi everyone this is my cat Max, he likes to wander around the neighborhood sometimes. He is home safe and sound

from the hackettstown community forum

Thank you for the wonderful offer GC I went out and bought him some food ..
but the UPDATE on him is he got out of garage when I opened it.. but he is still hanging around my property.. still wandering back for food.. not sure if I want to try and catch him as he still has claws and I’m not one for trapping .. so if he comes back at any time I will know and try and get him back in the garage.. I have camera system that will detect if he is back ..

I guess what I found on the hackettstown community forum was not the same???

4catmom I don't think so because this cat is back at my house again .. roaming my property.. cold and hungry .. I’m not sure what to do .. is anyone missing a cat ?

Continue to be kind. Put food out & maybe a box or something with a blanket or old shirt. There seems to be so many stray cats around lately. So sad that they all can't have homes. Or if you can catch him, maybe Common Sense or one of the other shelters would take him. Good luck. You are special to be so concerned and caring.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
2 weeks ago

The cat clearly wants to be yours! Maybe he just picked you. Feed him well. He'll take care of you. I love cats.

Garrett I emailed you back. I am happy to give you a small insulated shelter to hide on your property for him. Just email if you'd like it.

Worried Worried
1 week ago

That’s so nice of you Worried. I have plenty of straw if you want it.

Positive Positive
1 week ago

If anyone remembers my post a couple weeks ago about a cat that wandered into my garage for food and warmth.. well he is back .. does anyone have any ideas if it is normal for a cat to be wandering the woods area in below 30 degree weather ? see my previous pics if anyone is still missing a cat or If you are allowing him to roam without a collar .. what do do ? Please help I know noting about cats other than he is a cute clean hungry cold cat .. I feel bad letting him back outside .. 9:30 pm Friday night

Re: Is this your cat?

Here is a picture of a cat found ... again please respond on let me j so what to do .. seems he is out in the cold again..

He wants to be yours. You can see it in the way it looks at you. Or he just wants to be fed! Seriously though, thanks for looking out for it. Try calling the local rescue places, PAL, etc for help. Good luck to you and the kitty.

Re: Is this your cat?

Thank you for your response.. he is a cute cat and I would love to keep him but I have a dog.. and I called hackettstown animal rescue and they said after 7 days of no one claims him they will euthanize the cat. I was like what??? No way. So I’m not giving it to animal rescue in hackettstown that’s ridiculously sad!! I would love for someone to post him on Facebook .. I don’t have FB. He was found in hackettstown/independence Ketcham Road .. he is not neutered- friendly - clean - no collar - 973-219-0592

That sounds like animal control not a rescue group. If you do nothing else please see if you can get him neutered. I’ve heard you can get a voucher to get it done cheaper than the regular cost or there might be a pet clinic that will do it. I don’t know where to get a voucher but you might try calling one of the pet stores? They should know. I know it’s a pain but if he’s not neutered there will be yet more unwanted cats in the world!

Is New Beginnings Cat Rescue in Hackettstown still operating? They're a member of (a no-kill shelter). If they still exist, it's worth looking into.

Re: Is this your cat?

Yes I apologize I meant I called animal control in hackettstown.. and that’s what they said.. so sad.. I can not keep him long enough to get him neutered I have another pet so he is in my warm garage right now .. I’m hoping someone claims him this weekend.. if you would like to post him on Facebook that would be great as I don’t have a fb account..

Ketcham Road is Independence, so that's Independence Animal Control, not Hackettstown.

Garret - if you look above at the posts (Little Lu/4catmom), it's been on FaceBook and 4catmom posted the replies.

Re: Is this your cat?

Hello (GC) I don’t think it was the correct cat.. because when she said he was home safe .. he was actually in my garage at that time last I’m wondering if someone can post on Facebook to this person and ask them again if this cat is max? Missing ?? I don’t have Facebook and I’m sure someone is missing this beautiful cat.. Thank you

Garret, Thank you for caring for this cat. Today I reached out to an animal rescue group I support to see if they can take him. I offered to cover the costs for his vet checkup and neutering if the group will take him and help find him a loving home. I’ll keep you posted on developments. While I’m waiting to hear back from the rescue group, I would appreciate it if you would please continue to care for him keeping him indoors. As a non-neutered male we could end up with a litter of unwanted kittens if he roams about.

Cat found his home ——- I’m so happy I found the owner of this beautiful cat.. he likes to wander .. but I asked her to put a collar on him Because many people wanted to take him and keep him because he was so friendly and beautiful.. also animal control of hackettstown told us if they come get it and no one claims it in 7 days they will euthanize it ..(which I’m my mind is absolutely sad and crazy).. so I’m thankful he found his home ....

Good news - I hope they keep him indoors................

4catmom 4catmom
3 days ago

Good news Garret. If you have contact with his owner, please encourage them to get him neutered. We don’t need any more unwanted litters.

Better yet, keep him indoors. So much safer for the cat.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
3 days ago

Great job, Garret!

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
3 days ago

Awesome news!

Calico696 Calico696
2 days ago

Fantastic !!

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