Morning Tricky Tray - St. Theodore's

Has anyone ever been to a Tricky Tray held in the morning? I see there’s one on December 7th at Mansfield Elementary School for St Theodores. Anyone ever go?

Bessie Bessie
Nov '19

I have gone several times. It is a nice tricky tray and I seem to win a lot there. It is long though, they have quite a few baskets. This year I will be i away so cannot go. ;(

whocares whocares
Nov '19

In the past ,St Theodore’s Tricky Trays have been wonderful and fun. The morning time gives you the rest of the day to yourself. In the past they also served coffee and donuts in the morning. I have not been to one in several years, so I cannot vouch for how this years tricky tray will be. But I know in the past they were excellent and an enjoyable time out.iI have not been to one in several years, so I cannot vouch for how this years tricky tray will be. But I know in the past they were excellent and an enjoyable time out.
Go and have fun. And good luck !

Nov '19

I LOVE that idea! Tricky Trays that are held in the evenings, doors open at 5, drawings at 7, well, I'm too old and tired for that. I'm already in my pajamas long before then, even on weekends, haaa. I think I will go to this one on December 7, sounds like fun!

My wife and I had volunteered to work this event for a couple of years (not this year though). Fantastic group of people, well planned, and supports a great community. It's a really wonderful event, I'm sure you'll have a good time.

justintime justintime
Nov '19

It's a fun event and we certainly have had many prizes in the past, 253 prizes at the 2018 event. I'm also one of the volunteers and donations are still coming in, so the prize count numbers change daily. Many great prizes items beautifully wrapped for the whole family. There's many gift cards for restaurants, salons\barbers, entertainment, sporting events, golfing foursomes, theaters, grocery stores and department stores. Cash prize also available via the 50/50 at the event. The ticket prepack is well worth the $25 because it saves you $10 (which is the admission price). Table reservations are still available if you want to reserve your spot. Food will be available for sale, breakfast items in the morning and at lunch time the sandwich and hot dogs become available. There's also stuffed cabbage (Golumpki) available for sale as a to-go item only. This is cooked, but not available warm so you have the option to pick up your dinner before leaving the event.

Theresa Theresa
Nov '19

Took me a decade to figure out what a tricky tray was. And now I forget. What’s the deal and what’s the best way to do it?

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Nov '19

Sounds fun. How long does this event typically last? It sounds like an all day fun fest! LOL.

In simplest terms, a tricky tray is where participants buy tickets and place them in containers next to the items they want to win. Once everyone has had an opportunity to put tickets in containers, the drawing and calling for prizes begins. A designated person announces the serial number on the ticket drawn.

Thanks, that refreshed my memories. I seem to remember people getting there early, I guess to scope out the which containers to drop off? Good idea or over the top? Like 9:30 to 3:30 is the day. Think I could do 9:30 and come back at 11:45 for the winner's selection? Or is 11:00 am too late? Since I was always working the event I didn't have a clue how people timed it.

Frankly it's the Golumpki that intrigues me. I love affairs with local fare, especially exotic like this. To me, that's what makes the event special. Even if it's just cooking dogs on the barbie.

It's on the calendar.

Any idea how to get pre-sales bundle? Web seemed a little scant in that regard?

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Nov '19

Doors open at 9:30am, but people start lining up before 9am. To order pre-packs, call the event chair at 908-313-0081 and the pre-pack will be held for you at the door. It goes until at least 3:30pm, it depends on the number of prizes.

Theresa Theresa
Nov '19

Thank you to all who supported this year's event! There was 286 prizes across multiple prize categories and the 50/50 winner went home with OVER one thousand dollars! This event is only possible through the support of many individuals and organizations, and your support is much appreciated. One of the areas we want to improve for the 2020 event on December 5th is to make the admission process faster, thank you for your patience at this year's event.

Theresa McLaughlin Theresa McLaughlin
Dec '19

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