Fire on E Baldwin St / 6th Street this morning.

Hope no one is hurt. Could see the flames coming thru the center of the house.

Fire trucks slow in getting there.

The photos looked bad. I hope everyone is OK as well. Terrible situation.

Bernie is that hearsay or do you know the exact time of the 911 call and the time of first arrival of the responding units? According to the first responder website the call was recorded at 10:55AM. With that said I'm sure it seemed like a long time for help to arrive even if it was just a few minutes.

Greg: What site are you looking at?

I pulled out of the driveway at 10:50, saw the flames coming out of the center of the house and passed the fire station by the tracks. Nothing was happening at that point. Perhaps just missed them.

That being said, just hope no one was hurt.

A fire is a miserable feeling. I know first handed.

Re: Fire

Wow. What a shame for sure. I too endured a house fire. Awful indeed.

The site is:

According to dispatch 78 Fire had to request additional area departments to respond as well. Mansfield, Washington Borough and Independence were alerted at 11:02.

Calico696 Calico696
3 weeks ago

Re: Fire

According to initial tone out for Fire and EMS, Bernie had already left the premise seven minutes earlier,

you really shouldn’t be saying fire trucks slow getting there, when you aren’t a first responder going to the call. It came across the scanner at 10:55am then over the scanner the chief confirmed a working structure fire at 10:57am. Yes, it does take a couple minutes for firemen to respond to the firehouse to get a truck and crew and head out. If they all responded with their own personal vehicle and no fire trucks, the fire would keep on raging out of control.
If you saw any of what was happening at the scene, you would see that all the responding departments did a great job on saving a lot of that house.
Maybe you shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions when you were just seeing smoke and flames from your house.

And no one was hurt, they all made it out safely.

So you saw your neighbors house on fire and just left? You didn’t think to try to help maybe make sure they were out of the house? Then you have the nerve to say the fire department took along time getting there. Like c’mon now I can assure you that the trucks were responding within minutes of the call going out.

Bless your heart
2 weeks ago

Maybe Bernie should have called 911 when he saw it. Maybe he was the first to see the flames?

Jim King
2 weeks ago

No, when I saw it the police were already there and blocking off the streets.

The people all were out of the house and no one was hurt. For that, we can be thankful. A house can be replaced.

Also a big thank you for the responders that came.

I was going through the neighborhood and saw all the fire trucks, police ambulances, everyone was working so hard. Such a scary sight. It takes a special person to do this for the community. Whether you volunteer or not, to all the fire fighters and police thank you.

Bernie, first responders, firemen, police are all out to help. It does no one any good to speculate the time the call went in and how fast they got there. Calls go on, people are notified, they do have to get there, suit up, drive, etc. ARE you a firemen? You'd make an awful one since you said you left the house when you saw the house on fire. You pulled out of the driveway as it was burning. Nice neighbor! A regular Mr. Rogers.

2 weeks ago

Does anyone know if anything has been set up to help the family........
I would imagine that even though the fire department saved a good part of the house, they may still be in need of help.......

horrible to loose your home, but around this time of the year my heart just breaks for them.

littlelu littlelu
2 weeks ago

your best bet for the donations, etc., May be calling the police department or town hall tomorrow when they are open. Maybe see if they are accepting things for the family to start helping out.

Good idea Gripit........thank you.

littlelu littlelu
2 weeks ago

The daughter of the folks living there has started a Go Fund Me account for those interested.

Thank you Greg.......That makes it so easy. I'll be sure to share it on my FB page.

littlelu littlelu
2 weeks ago

Hi all I am the homeowner, all got out safe, fire dept was amazing! There are no words to express our gratitude to the incredible people who volunteer their time and risk their lives for those of who need them. Thank you all for your concern. We are displaced but are here to tell the story. God is good!

Pat..........SO glad that everyone is ok and that is whats most important! Thank you for taking the time to share with us how you are.

littlelu littlelu
2 weeks ago

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