Bartender/servers for in home party

Does anyone have recommendations. Not sure how to go about finding people who offer this service. Thanks in advance!

Townies Townies
Nov '19

I would start by calling a catering company.

Calico696 Calico696
Nov '19

I would just Google keywords. I did and came up with quite a few companies and a few individuals. You could always seek out your favorites from local establishments and ask if they do side work.

Nov '19

Talk to your local bartender of choice. If you are a regular somewhere, that bartender might be willing to do a party for you. They work for tips, so I'm sure the cash is always welcomed.

Nov '19

I would most certainly plan on a professional company that supplies a bartender and or servers. Simply for the liability factor alone. They will be trained and have some sort of insurance coverage.

I used a company called "We're Having A Party" and was very happy with the person they provided. (Her name was Isabel.) I had worked with them indirectly at other events but don't know the names of the servers on those dates.

hi there is a company called Got Errands? and they supply whatever you need for as long as you need it sorry but I don't have the number but I'm sure if you Google it you can find them

Nov '19

My sister does private bartending. Please send me a DM

Don't rely on these bartenders/companies having insurance. If something happens it will go to your homeowners policy (too). More importantly is that you watch your guests and take their keys if anyone tries to drive drunk.

That is for sure. It most certainly would be an "et al" type of issue. Just another layer of perceived protection.

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