Accident Rt80 10/18

Bad accident east in Parsippany. 3 people killed.Lanes closed.
Cant post link.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Oct '19


Calico696 Calico696
Oct '19

How do you crash into each other at 2am.... Much less congestion at that hour.... People need to stop driving so erratically on 80. Every time I'm on it someone uses it like a drag strip weaving in and out of lanes.

Metsman Metsman
Oct '19

Drinking and driving at its best!

Oct '19

Nothing like waiting until all the facts come out. Pathetic!

Oct '19

I'm guessing Metsman has never been out to the drag races... weaving in and out of lanes generally means you have a big problem, lol.

ianimal ianimal
Oct '19

Ok maybe it's more like a scene from Fast and the Furious where they street race.

Metsman Metsman
Oct '19

Can't thank our first responders enough especially the VOLUNTEERS! Out there at 2AM trying to pull entrapped bodies out of mangled fully involved burning vehicles. Their eyes SEE alot no doubt. Not to mention the paying jobs many of them need to go to when the sun comes up to make a living. I don't know... honestly I'm at a loss for words....I don't know how our volunteer first responders do it.

Can't thank EVERYONE on the frontlines enough (wherever it may be!) for doing what they do!

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
Oct '19

Three people died and we have no idea what caused it, but of course let's make jokes and assume things, too.

Shaking my head that people aren't more compassionate. It could have been your own family members or friends.

Oct '19

Thank you for your post, Lenny Rock...So many do not realize that those Fireman that battle huge house fires that have resulted so many times also in loss of lives are VOLUNTEERS...or the Squad people who make sure that ambulance is there to help in emergency...VOLUNTEERS...most of them have to go to work that next morning so they can provide for their own families!!

joyful joyful
Oct '19

The news just mentioned it to be a wrong way driver.
Thoughts and prayers

I don’t see anyone making jokes in this thread.

Sacks cousin
Oct '19

Years ago, my husband was driving to Lk Hopatcong and he saw car in the distance with lights facing toward him. He thought at first a car spun around and was disabled on the median. NO, it was a car driving east bound, in the fast lane of the west bound traffic lanes! Believe me it happens. Luckily my husband was in a lane to exit, so he avoided a tragic problem. He listened for news of any accidents, but didn't hear of any, so thankfully others were spared too.

USAfirst USAfirst
Oct '19

Yesterday in broad daylight I watched a motorcycle drive southbound on Rt 31 in the northbound lane where it is divided down by Clinton and then pull into the liquor store.

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