Tramontin Harley-Davidson Closing Down

Just found out that the Hope NJ Tramontin Harley-Davidson Dealership is closing after 104 years in business.Here is a link.

Oct '19

A few of us were talking about the closing over the summer. Hard to believe. Apparently corporate feels there is not a great need for that dealer there.


Harley is having problems these days. Their brand image just doesn't appeal to young people. I think the typical Harley rider is in their mid 50's now or something close.

Eperot Eperot
Oct '19

harley sales are way down.they are pinning all there hopes on there new electric bikes.they have become the motorcycle of the senior generation,but alas the the senior generation is becoming long of the tooth.i have followed motorcycles my whole life and to me all the harleys look the same.when they introduce a new model it looks like every other harley.i wish they have good luck with there new electric bike.

Milagro Orihuela Milagro Orihuela
Oct '19

Hope they put a nice diner in that spot.

Flagman Flagman
Oct '19

Bring back Nathan’s!

Stymie Stymie
Oct '19

“pinning all there hopes on there new electric bikes.”

The one that cost $30K and has a 100 mile range?

Good luck.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Oct '19

I think a Whole Foods would be good there.

I don’t think closing is a corporate call, think it’s a franchise. The fact no one is picking it up probably more like it. I am sure they would sell it, pass it on if they could. They said they are retiring.

Bought a couple dirt bikes there, seemed nice enough.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Oct '19

Zero has been making electric motorcycles for @13 years. A base model 100 mile version for about $11k and an advanced 200 miler for about $20-22k.

Apparently Wawa has expressed an interest in the Tramontin property.

Oct '19

Maybe it will be an Olive Garden. Fingers crossed. ;-)

Calico696 Calico696
Oct '19

You know it’s gonna be a nail salon......too far away from the train station to be a gold exchange......

CBGB; can you get them with straight pipes and a glass pack? Just what I want; a very small unprotected vehicle that you cannot hear...... ;-)

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Oct '19

the owner has decided to retire from the industry is the story I received from a worker there.
Harley has a long standing customer base of persons that ride responsibly ( at least everyone that I have known )

steven steven
Oct '19

Well here's to hoping for another bank or big box drugstore! ;-)

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
Oct '19

Somebody's betting on Harley's business continuing to be at least somewhat robust. There's a new dealership being built right now at I-80 Exit 299 (I guess that's Tannersville?) in PA. It looks to be gigantic, but maybe that's just because of the way it's jammed in with all the other businesses and buildings right there by the roadside.

Monty Monty
Oct '19

Good riddance

younggen younggen
Oct '19

Nobody is stepping in to take over the business ??

My husband bought many motorcycles and accessories from Tramontin HD. But I always thought a great eatery would do well there. A big buffet place, or a fabulous BBQ place with an open air option. The Hope, Blairstown, Frelinghuysen area is sorely lacking a great family eating experience.

USAfirst USAfirst
Oct '19

If you need to have stores and food places, please move where they are. Don't drag the rural experience down with your need for convenience.

One-Eyed Poacher One-Eyed Poacher
Oct '19

"If you need to have stores and food places, please move where they are. Don't drag the rural experience down with your need for convenience."
One-Eyed Poacher

AMEN!! I could not have said it better!

Oct '19

One-Eyed Poacher - you'd prefer the dealership to sit there empty?

why does every discussion on HL end up as an argument>

get the first amendment thing, just dont understand why we cant all get along

Monty, gigantic and you can see that puppy from far far away. Nobody would buy Tramontin with this so nearby. As far as what to go there? Probably will be a Wawa or QC...

"just dont understand why we cant all get along"

Can you imagine how boring life would be if everyone agreed on everything all the time? It would be a total snoozefest.

Calico696 Calico696
Nov '19

No, you're totally wrong Calico...… :>)

stangerdanger stangerdanger
Nov '19

The electric bike may not be the answer for Harley. They are having problems with production and costs $30k.

Sad to see that store close. Been there forever. All the bike rallys and parties.Just a great location for such a venue.Hope WAWA or any other convenience store does not end up there. We do not need that. Another bike shop would be perfect.

Robert Firth Robert Firth
Dec '19

It will be a Wawa or Quick Check as they will be willing to pay the most. There is no gas station there. It's amazing how long the Hope exit has stayed rural...

Will there be a going out of business sale, I wonder?

There was a big sale, MYD. But they closed up on October 27th.

I thought Wawa was going in at exit 12 but after speaking with some local folks in Hope recently apparently this isn't the case.

Agreed iJay, incredible how the Hope exit has remained so rural after all these years especially being right on an interstate! I was thinking Wawa would want exit 12 as their own as QuickChek has their own on exit 30 in Mount Arlington directly off the busy interstate. My wife worked at that Mount Arlington QuickChek for a period of time recently. It's apparently one of their busiest and most profitable locations!

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
Dec '19

Robert FIrth, are you originally from Denville?

Lenny, the Exit 30 QC also has the advantage of being very visible from the highway. Anyway, I would be surprised if one of the big chains doesn't go in there. Wawa and WC dominate in the area but there are others that might want to make a presence. It also might be positive in that it keeps folks from the interstate near the interstate. Reminds me of what happened in Vermont when a town asked, and was granted, no exit on a new highway as they wanted to maintain a rural feel.

anyone know if Screamin' Needle is still aroud? I always saw him there doing patch sewing. looking for his contact info!

bluegill bluegill
Dec '19

Closed down, bugger, i sent all the way from Australia for my parts, they never let me down

Dec '19

Destiny is un-avoidable, Honda electric bikes would have been the solution and I happen to know someone who could have helped.

Just always doesn't seem that its ment to be.

Wish you were here ND. httpsmsn=1&msnews=1&rec_search=1&refig=7f6a4932c1a94e16fffbd38c3d0a29eb&sp=-1&pq=pink+floyd+wich+you+were+here+sing&sc=8-34&qs=n&sk=&cvid=7f6a4932c1a94e16fffbd38c3d0a29eb

Duftopia Duftopia
Dec '19

Heard that Quik Check bought the property and will build soon! Hate to see HD go!

Harley isn't what it used to be. There are so many different riders these days the new crew want the spoiled comfort with GPS and a ramp to tow the bike to ANYWHERE UNDER 30 MILES !!! LOL Even the music in the stores changed in Rahway there's more hip hop on than Old School Classics.T
hank God I made it thru the old school Crew LOL

Darleen M Abline Darleen M Abline
Jan '20

Is this the place u could not sit on a bike to try out?

joe chit joe chit
Jan '20

Never heard that. I sat on many bikes there over the years.

I bought my first Harley back in 1988 at Tramontin
I can't remember if I sat on the bike but I couldn"t take it f test ride and when I picked it up I had to purchase gas a station down the road to fill the tank.
That policy had changed over the years to test rides and full tanks.
I am sorry to see it go.

They chased many away with the way they did business ( from what I witnessed and experienced )

steven steven
Jan '20

I brought my Honda there to get tires and had a month wait so there service dept was doing well

Steven, back in the day test rides were not that common, especially at HD dealers.

Sad to see the dealership close. Been there for years. Sort of a landmark. Maybe some wealthy person buys that building and brings motorcycles back. Great location. Would hate to see a Wawa or Quick Check there.

Bob F Bob F
Mar '20

Harley Davidsons now are kind of like elephants,you like to look at them but you really would not like to own one.

Hardley Ableson. Doesn't sell like it used to. Way better options in all price ranges.

Mar '20

That dealership had been in the family for 100 years or something like that! It's too bad that the family members lost interest decided to sell so WA WA could have a store there I'd bet if Gloria was still youthful it would never had been sold.

Jared Russell Jared Russell
Mar '20

It was not sold , Bob retired .

steven steven
Mar '20

I bought 2 bikes from Trimontin year's ago, I paid cash and couldn't even get a free helmet or pair of gloves. Didn't care for their attitude. Somebody just tried to build a gas station across the street and the town shut them down,(wetlands).

Tony D. Tony D.
Apr '20

Does anybody know where Kenny the service manager went or how to contact him ? Great Guy !

May 23rd

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