Tramontin Harley-Davidson Closing Down

Just found out that the Hope NJ Tramontin Harley-Davidson Dealership is closing after 104 years in business.Here is a link.

A few of us were talking about the closing over the summer. Hard to believe. Apparently corporate feels there is not a great need for that dealer there.


Harley is having problems these days. Their brand image just doesn't appeal to young people. I think the typical Harley rider is in their mid 50's now or something close.

harley sales are way down.they are pinning all there hopes on there new electric bikes.they have become the motorcycle of the senior generation,but alas the the senior generation is becoming long of the tooth.i have followed motorcycles my whole life and to me all the harleys look the same.when they introduce a new model it looks like every other harley.i wish they have good luck with there new electric bike.

Milagro Orihuela Milagro Orihuela
October 12th

Hope they put a nice diner in that spot.

Bring back Nathan’s!

“pinning all there hopes on there new electric bikes.”

The one that cost $30K and has a 100 mile range?

Good luck.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
October 12th

I think a Whole Foods would be good there.

I don’t think closing is a corporate call, think it’s a franchise. The fact no one is picking it up probably more like it. I am sure they would sell it, pass it on if they could. They said they are retiring.

Bought a couple dirt bikes there, seemed nice enough.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
October 12th

Zero has been making electric motorcycles for @13 years. A base model 100 mile version for about $11k and an advanced 200 miler for about $20-22k.

Apparently Wawa has expressed an interest in the Tramontin property.

Maybe it will be an Olive Garden. Fingers crossed. ;-)

Calico696 Calico696
October 12th

You know it’s gonna be a nail salon......too far away from the train station to be a gold exchange......

CBGB; can you get them with straight pipes and a glass pack? Just what I want; a very small unprotected vehicle that you cannot hear...... ;-)

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
October 12th

the owner has decided to retire from the industry is the story I received from a worker there.
Harley has a long standing customer base of persons that ride responsibly ( at least everyone that I have known )

Well here's to hoping for another bank or big box drugstore! ;-)

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
October 12th

Somebody's betting on Harley's business continuing to be at least somewhat robust. There's a new dealership being built right now at I-80 Exit 299 (I guess that's Tannersville?) in PA. It looks to be gigantic, but maybe that's just because of the way it's jammed in with all the other businesses and buildings right there by the roadside.

Good riddance

younggen younggen
4 weeks ago

Nobody is stepping in to take over the business ??

My husband bought many motorcycles and accessories from Tramontin HD. But I always thought a great eatery would do well there. A big buffet place, or a fabulous BBQ place with an open air option. The Hope, Blairstown, Frelinghuysen area is sorely lacking a great family eating experience.

USAfirst USAfirst
1 week ago

If you need to have stores and food places, please move where they are. Don't drag the rural experience down with your need for convenience.

One-Eyed Poacher One-Eyed Poacher
1 week ago

"If you need to have stores and food places, please move where they are. Don't drag the rural experience down with your need for convenience."
One-Eyed Poacher

AMEN!! I could not have said it better!

1 week ago

One-Eyed Poacher - you'd prefer the dealership to sit there empty?

why does every discussion on HL end up as an argument>

get the first amendment thing, just dont understand why we cant all get along

Monty, gigantic and you can see that puppy from far far away. Nobody would buy Tramontin with this so nearby. As far as what to go there? Probably will be a Wawa or QC...

"just dont understand why we cant all get along"

Can you imagine how boring life would be if everyone agreed on everything all the time? It would be a total snoozefest.

Calico696 Calico696
6 days ago

No, you're totally wrong Calico...… :>)

stangerdanger stangerdanger
6 days ago

The electric bike may not be the answer for Harley. They are having problems with production and costs $30k.

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