Anyone Been to the Me to You Consignment with New owner?

I went to the shop after hearing it on the radio WRNJ and seeing it of course 122 Main st.
Its a new owner named Kathy. I hadn't been there in months. Kathy is really nice and the store had lots of items that I had not seen. Household, shoes and lots of seasonal with reasonable prices. Just an FYI if your looking for something.

I heard that they don't pay out your commission deserved if you leave stuff there to sell as a Consigner. Items not documented under your name as even sold, or stolen. I wouldn't leave my valuables there for sale.

Hackresident Hackresident
October 8th

Hackresident, can you get whomever told you that to post on here confirming it is the new owner that didn't pay? "I heard" is a very vague business bashing.

I have been wanting to go there, but consignment usually charge more money. Where do you shop for secondhand items for cheap prices? Are there any places near by that have really good stuff for reasonable prices?

October 8th

@CuriousKitty try Trinity Thrift Shop. I have not been in a few years but it is a place to start. I was at Me to You this weekend and found it on the expensive side.

whocares whocares
October 8th

Trinity Thrift Shop is a fun place to shop, never disappoints. Also shop their Furniture Gallery behind the Thrift Shop. Prices are great too!

Outsider Outsider
October 8th

I am the new owner of Me to You and I can assure you I pay out after the 3rd of every month for the month before. In fact, I mailed out many checks this month for people who didn’t want to make the trip to the store. Most consignors stop in often and I pay them more frequently than monthly. As far as pricing, please remember that this is consignment, not donation. We strive to have quality items at 60% off retail, but I have changed a price if a customer brings it to my attention and I agree it’s a little high. I love happy customers - and happy consignors - and we strive to do our best for both. And thank you, Carol, for the kind words! Kathi.

Kathi Homenick Kathi Homenick
October 8th

I've been consigning and purchasing at consignment shops for many years. I find the prices fair and the new owner a very nice person and wish her much success.

Mrs. Pipes```` Mrs. Pipes````
October 8th

To Hackresident, I noticed you said you heard. You really shouldn't bash any business especially a new business unless you tried it. Maybe the person you heard it from had a bad experience or left their stuff for months. I have consigned with other stores and as long as you follow the rules, check on your items with agreed time period I have had no problem. Me to You has been an honest business and I found their prices very fair for the quality they have which is better than most places. The new owner seemed very nice Kathi and I have a friend who consigns there and she is very happy with the payout.

The owner is not revealing all. Of course not. Best of luck to her.

I'll take my consignments(sss) elsewhere or donate them to charity when I have worthy items to profit from.

Hackresident Hackresident
October 9th

Stay away from Salvation Army for donating and shopping.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
October 10th

I have been consigning with Kathi since she opened, and she has ALWAYS paid me out every month. She is very fair and reasonable and I love doing business with her!! No need to comment with a vague 'I heard', its just not nice, and in this instance, not true at all..

charlies angel charlies angel
October 10th

I purchased a lot of stuff there to my new house. I loved every single item and she has great quality stuff with a very fair price. She was even nice to paint a dresser matching my kid bedroom color.
That is honestly my favorite store in town ❤️

My daughter and I shop and consign at Me to You and we have been totally satisfied. Above average quality merchandise, excellent customer service and prices are a bargain!

PaolinaOC PaolinaOC
October 13th

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