Found dog in Oak Hill

Found dog in Oak Hill

Cute dog wandered into my neighbors garage, animal control from Independence coming soon but thought would post here.908-339-1109 is the animal control number

Dogslife Dogslife
2 weeks ago

He looks like a sweet older guy that would love to have someone sit next to him and give him a little snuggle and a bit of head scratching. Looks a bit long in the nail though...hope he hasn't been missing long and his lost owner's found soon.

The dog is now housed at Happy Tails Inn and will be there for 7 days. Poor thing. He is friendly and quite playful with kids.

Michelle Michelle
2 weeks ago

Did you put this up on Facebook and share it with the local shelters? Maybe the owners have contacted one of them looking for him?

What a sweet face, he has. Trouble is, not everyone can afford the relinquishing fee, the shelters want. From the looks of his collar, seems like maybe a lost pet, but, once again, no ID on collar. (?)
When there’s a death, divorce or otherwise horrible life experience, some pet owners just snap, feeling backed into a corner, with no way out. They may be too afraid of the flack, they’d get as a result of advertising “free to good home”.
Not saying that it’s the case, here. Just throwing it out there, to ponder why such sweet dogs and cats are just let loose...on purpose. It’s a very sad situation. I hope that cute doggie finds his home. Thank you, Dogslife, for posting.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
1 week ago

What happens after the 7 days?

I agree about the adoption fees. Ridiculous. No wonder so many pets go unadopted. Average income family with kids can barely afford it ( or cant afford at all). Its sad...

Unfortunately I don’t think he’s been claimed yet. I am a little perplexed because he looked well taken care of and was so sweet and friendly. If the owner doesn’t claim him, he goes up for adoption.

Dogslife Dogslife
1 week ago

Maybe put a sign up in a nearby spot stating description of the dog and where the dog is right now and the phone number. Not everyone knows about Hackettstown Life. Who knows what the circumstances are.

Any updates?

John Sh John Sh
7 days ago

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