Board of Ed Election Signs

Anyone have any information on the new Board of Ed candidates. I am starting to see more and more signs and would like to be informed before voting. I see the name Gesamuria on there. Any relation to the ex director of curriculum?

INDEPENDENCE: 2 Full 3 Year Terms
Daria Hill 26 Barkers Mill Rd, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 3 Year Term
Giles Stuber 47 Mt. Rascal Rd, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 3 Year Term
Rich Gesumaria 2 Chaucer Dr, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 3 Year Term

LIBERTY: 1 Full 3 Year Term
1 Unexpired 1 Year Term
Alison DeMarco 46 Quenby Mtn. Rd, Great Meadows, NJ 07838 3 Year Term
Lori A. Prymak 84 Quenby Mtn. Rd, Great Meadows, NJ 07838 3 Year Term
Heather M. Wulf 10 Lakeside Dr. East, Belvidere, NJ 07823 Unexp. 1 Yr Term

Mary Beth Maciag 805 High St, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 3 Year Term
Michele Wehmeyer 125 College View Dr, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 3 Year Term
Michael R. Herbst 16 Lawrence Dr, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 3 Year Term

In Hackettstown sadly no new candidates are running, just 3 incumbents up for re-election

In Great Meadows it looks like both incumbents are not running for re-election so 2 new members. That's shocking.

Liberty the 1 incumbent is running for re-election but has a new oppenent running against her.

As for Rich Gesumaria, glad to see his name on the ballot, hes a great guy and very active with the youth in town.

any questions on ballots?

Why is it necessary to post their home addresses?

Because I just cut and pasted it off the election board’s website

As for ballot questions the big one in Hackettstown is the BOE is asking for a $3mill Referendum (40% of which will be paid by state aid) to replace the roofs on their schools

You can get more details on the BOE’s website.

Vote NO on referendum!

Jim L. Thanks for the info...LOL I didn’t actually mean addresses more as what they stand for as a BOE member and their reasoning for running. I know nothing about any of them except for Rich seems to be related to Kathy Gesumaria who resigned as Director of curriculum. To me this seems a bit odd, but I am no expert.
There are so many changes right now in NJ I want to make an informed choice as well as know that the people that I am voting for are there for the right reasons.
Does anyone know if there will be a meet the candidates night like before?

"Rich seems to be related to Kathy Gesumaria who resigned as Director of curriculum. To me this seems a bit odd,"

It is odd. Vote for Hill and Stuber.

2 weeks ago

Why would think its odd for a person who is very involved in the youth in town wanting to serve on the BOE?
Sounds like a win-win to me!

2 weeks ago

LENS, eh?

How about hiring on a psychology professor and conducting seminars (for ALL, especially the BOE and Super -the folks in charge of pushing these agendas) regarding how to control our fears and anxieties rather than feeding them year after year after year?

Do any of these candidates approach school safety from a realistic view instead of a fear-based one?

justintime justintime
2 weeks ago

Caring mom
That is a bit confusing as Hill and Gesumaria are running together.

The people of Hackettstown have a choice. Pass the referendum and the state picks up 40%. If the referendum fails the people of Hackettstown will cover the entire cost of replacing the roof. Does anyone believe the roof does not need to be replaced. If yes put off the expense then it will cost more and the residents will still pay for all of it. Your decision.

I recommend passing the referendum and take the money from the state.

I do know Stuber is 18. Not sure if that matters to anyone.
But if you want to know the candidates, then that is what I know.

LivingLifeLovingLife LivingLifeLovingLife
2 weeks ago

The Referendum is for $3,996,000. I assume it will be a 5 or 10 year bond. At 3% that is $1,200,000 in debt service over 10 years. The State will pay $1,647,630 of those costs which is not 40% of the total cost of the borrowing. Depending on the interest rate and length of the borrowing those numbers could change.

Hill and Stuber are the two best choices, clearly.

2 weeks ago

Please do not make assumptions when the correct information is available from a variety of sources. The link below contains some facts posted on the District web site and please feel free to call our Business office to get the terms of the debt service, 908-852-2800. When you do obtain that information, please do me a favor and post them here.

Also, an invitation to all members of the Hackettstown community to join us at any of our public meetings to ask questions or to get the latest information, link to meeting dates below. Also, please join us October 10th at 7pm to take part in developing the 5 year strategic plan.

See you all on the 10th,
Mike Herbst

Mike Herbst Mike Herbst
2 weeks ago

As Jono has pointed out the roofs have to get replaced one way or another. So voting No on the Referendum just means the taxpayers lose out on the 40% state aid. if the Referendum gets shot down then the full cost to replace the roofs will have to come from the current budget. This means there would have to be major cuts in other parts of the budget to find the money to fix the roofs. Which if you don't have kids in the school system then i guess its easy to say "so what" if teachers, aids, programs get cut to fix the roofs. But if you have kids in the school system then its easy to see how a no vote will effect your child's eduation. It sucks we are put in this situation and budgeting for roof replacements was not factored in for all these years.

“It sucks we are put in this situation and budgeting for roof replacements was not factored in for all these years.”

Great comment. Makes one wonder why.

justintime justintime
2 weeks ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Stuber for many years. Yes, he is 18. Do not underestimate this young man because of his age He is a mature and intelligent young man. He is giving back to a school district that educated him. He just graduated and has insight into a system that is flawed. We need a change in this school board. I am giving him and only him my vote.

The State picks up 40%. And where does the State get their money from? Do they have trees behind the State house that grows money?? The NJ taxpayer will be paying the 40% that the State is so graciously giving toward the new roof. LOL

How could anyone even see those signs? I had to drive by six of them just to piece together what was written! Why on Gods green earth would anyone chose a red background and black writing?

Old Bitty Old Bitty
2 weeks ago

Please think twice before voting yes... it is just another raise to our taxes which are too high already!

Vote a hard NO. And think hard about who you elect for BOE or any town position. These cronies have been at it too long, then come on here and beg for more money. What the hell has this town been up to for decades? Look at the lazy BOE members who have been here forever. I've said it before the roof just didn't all of a sudden need replacing. It has been brushed off much like the mold issues due to lack of AC.

Everyone is concerned about taxes going up. Yes, they will go up, over the course of 3 years, a minimal amount. If your house is in the $350,000 range, it'll go up about $12/month. Some of the lower cost houses will go up $4/month. Wouldn't you rather that, for 3 years, than how much they'll get raised if we don't do this now? I'd rather $12/month now than much more in a few years.

2 weeks ago

Also, I agree, this should have been taken care of before now. Why it wasn't? I couldn't tell you. But the fact is, regardless of why, it needs to get done.

2 weeks ago

Gee Don - don't see your name on the Ballot.

Why didn't you run? You seem to have it all figured out. The BOE could use a man of your keen insight.


3 Full 3 Year Terms

Mary Beth Maciag 3 Year Term
Michele Wehmeyer 3 Year Term
Michael R. Herbst 3 Year Term

Barnacle Bill
2 weeks ago

Don is running in Morris county

2 weeks ago

Then why is Don constantly on this forum complaining?

Barnacle Bill
1 week ago

Thanks everyone for the info. We are in Great Meadows not Hackettstown. Any one have info on these candidates?
All that I know is the name Gesumaria and now that I know who it is I’m not a fan personally. However, I have no idea his views on the schools. Wondering if he is running in retaliation for something having to do with Ms. Gesumaria.
Also, someone on here mentioned Stuber. Is that any relation to Mrs. stuber the school aide? Interesting how 2 of the candidates have ties to people either in or previously in our schools. What the heck is going on?

Would love to hear what these candidates are all about.

NewMom1 NewMom1
1 week ago

Old Bitty,

I totally agree with you. There are many of them on Barker's Mill Road and I thought it was just me that couldn't read them. By the time I got to the end of the road I finally was able to make out a name. I mentioned this problem to a few friends and they said the same thing.

NewMom1- I don't know any of the candidates personally but I think there's a relation to the school aide. It doesn't seem like there is anything sinister about his running and I have only heard positive things about Stuber. Yes, he is young but several well respected people have told me that he is an intelligent and driven individual. On the contrary, I have only heard negative things about Hill. I haven't heard anything at all about Gesumaria.

Magpie- if we have to work that hard to read them, they are ineffective.

Old Bitty Old Bitty
1 week ago

For what it is worth,I am with Retired up above and will only be voting for Stuber. I to believe Gesumaria is running because Mango forced his wife to resign, for what reasons?who knows. I am voting for Stuber only because I feel he is independent enough to make informed decisions on some tough issues that will be forthcoming if this election leads to throwing out the old guard and putting in the new.At the top of that list would be firing Mango, and our security director to name just a few. I would also like a full audit of how our money is being spent/hid as our student population has dropped in half over the past decade yet every year we get hit with increased taxes. I would also like to know how we over paid 2 million dollars over 4 years (to Hackettstown) and did not discover this over payment for another two years and when the money was finally paid back why none of it was used to lower our taxes. This sending district money is a huge slush fund which is used to hide excess funds that is generated by our over taxation.

This election is not about Mrs. Gesumaria. Yes she worked for the district but do we not remember the wonderful things she has done for our district. Come on people.

Regardless, Mr. Gesumaria not only has 3 young children in the district but he is also a solid candidate with years of business and financial experience. Which the district needs with the cuts that we will face. We can argue the fact that Mr. Stuber has a motive since his mother is currently employed by the district and he is a dependent of her, living in her home. Should we start a thread on that? I respect the fact that he wants to get involved but with years of experience on a board, I fear that his age will be a detriment especially with what our BOE will have to face in the upcoming years.

Personally, I have only heard wonderful things about Hill. She is heavily involved with the PTO which directly impacts our children and has been an active participant of BOE meetings for the past two plus years.

One of my children are in the same grade as the Hill and Gesumaria children and they have my vote.

RidgeMom RidgeMom
1 week ago

My vote is for Hill and Gesumaria. Both truly care about the children in our district and bring with them their own set of skills that will make the Board more well-rounded. While I admire Stuber for wanting to get involved (we need that more from the young adults in our community) I just feel that he’s a bit too green. I hope to see him continue to be involved no matter what happens in the election.

Come on. Stuber is young and just because he is young that should not disqualify him from a board that kowtows to everything Mango does. He gets my vote. Gesumaria has the motives, not Stuber. Only running since his wife was non-renewed by the board and Mango. That is the person with the motives that should not be on the board.

1 week ago

I don't know anything about Hill or Gesumaria but I am sure they are good people with honorable intentions. I do know a little about Giles Stuber. He was born & raised here in Independence Twp. He went thru Central, Liberty, GMR middle school & HHS. His freshman year of high school he became a founding member of the HHS Robotics team which qualified & went to the nationals 2 out of his 4 years. His junior year he was picked to represent Hackettstown at the American Legion's prestigious Boys State conference which focuses on educating the youth regarding our government and it's workings. Also that year he was in the top 15% of his class, which qualified him for the STARS program. After being accepted to several poly-tech schools his senior year, he made the difficult but fiscally responsible decision to take advantage of the STARS scholarship. Currently he going to Morris County College pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering and working for a company developing 3-D printers. Being his father, I must admit that I am bias but hopefully gave you relatively impartial look at just some his accomplishments.

Sounds like a solid, civic-minded young man. Good job, Dad...and Mom.

ianimal ianimal
1 week ago

Thank you for sharing this JSS.

Pampurr Pampurr
1 week ago


Be very proud of the young man you raised. This is the example all parents hope their children will follow. Let’s see what Giles Stuber can do on the Great Meadows Board of Education. We all agree that change is needed.

Retired Retired
1 week ago

JSS it sounds like you have raised an amazing man with many admirable accomplishments.

Age is but a number and doesn't speak to anyone's character, intelligence, or capability. I don't know why age should be a determinating characteristic in this election. Experience shouldn't be a measurable factor when there are no incumbents as all of the candidates are in the same position of never having served on a board of education. I heard Stuber interviewed on the radio about his candidacy and can appreciate his passion and eagerness to move the district forward. I believe his intentions are good. Shouldn't we be concentrating on what the candidates stand for instead of their age? This would be a non issue and looked at as incredibly petty if it were a thirty something year old running against a fifty something year old.

Old Bitty Old Bitty
1 week ago

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