Missing Cat

I live on corner of Cook and Willow Grove. My cat, Freddie, has been missing for a few days. He is about 16 pounds and is a dark gray Tabby male with white paws. If anyone has seen his please let me know.


I hope he find his way home soon. I'll keep an eye out!

littlelu littlelu
Oct '19

Any spottings of Freddie?

Hackresident Hackresident
Oct '19

Any chance you have a picture??

It just dawned on me that Cook & Willow Grove might not be too far from Brook Hollow. It was either Sunday or Monday on a morning walk I saw three cats total. First two were traveling together, one of which I've seen around quite a bit and recognize. The other looked new. The new one spotted me but didn't run away at first. Just stopped to look at me from a distance before walking away. Then the one I know walked between me and the other cat, got scared when he saw me, and went into the drains which he has been known to do.

The last one I thought was a companion of the one I knew. I saw him about 10 mins later around the corner.

The one I haven't see before was a dark gray, but not sure about the paws. I picture sure would help. This was in Brook Hollow in the area of Saxton & Scenic.

I'll keep my eyes open the next few mornings and let you know if I see anything again. Would he come if I called him by name?

Re: Missing Cat

During the week I briefly saw the one cat that has been around before. But it was all by itself. This morning I saw one of the other cats I saw last week in almost the same area. I don't believe this is yours, if anything it's the third cat that could fit your description. But at least I did get a long distance phone pic. I would call this one a tuxedo instead of gray tabby. But you tell me. This one ran right away from me fairly quickly, back towards the Musky.

Any luck finding him?

crazy jane crazy jane
Oct '19

Please see the post about a Found Cat, that may be yours.

TownFriend TownFriend
Oct '19

Lost and Found Pets in Warren County NJ
· 1 hr ·


This male cat was found near the hospital off of Willow Grove St. Very scared. He is solid dark grey with white paw tips, white on chest. Please contact finder through the link below if you know this cat. He is not the missing kitty from Cook Street.

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The other post about the found cat said from the beginning it was *not* the one from Williow Grove & Cook St.

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