2019-20 NHL Season

Training camps well over with. Much of the preseason in the books.

No one excited?? Is that a reflection of the local teams...

A reflection of the local teams … Capitals and Blues had a dandy game Wednesday night.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
3 weeks ago

Andy - OT barn burner in Boston. PP controversy, "continuous motion" although the puck goes in well after the whistle.. Leafs not even breaking a sweat using the minor leaguers. Not a good sign for Les Habs. Toronto so long long in talent. But will it translate into the playoffs? The Caps the opposite. Not deep in talent. Yet good to be competing.

Good summer for the Devils with getting Hughes and then picking up Simmonds, Subban, and Gusev. Cautiously optimistic for this season. See how the goaltending holds up.

thomasnj thomasnj
3 weeks ago

Puck drops 10/2, preseason results means very little.
Hockey news has TB winning, I’ll agree regardless of last years fail.
Thinking Isles go far, watch Boston and Winn.
NJ, NYR and Philly battle for last playoff spot.
What say ye all...

Roywhite Roywhite
3 weeks ago

I'm excited for the upcoming Rangers season. With the new additions, the Rangers may be an exciting team again.

The Rangers/Devils rivalry will be good with all of their new additions as well.

I will miss Zuc though.

I didn't really keep up with much of the Devils' off-season, beyond the headline announcements. I don't care much for Simmonds or Subban on a personal level, but it's hard to ignore their talent on the ice. Than again, I didn't care for Yagr until he came to the Devils, either, but during his time here he *completely* won me over. Hopefully the same will be the case with these two guys.

I didn't care much for SImmonds or Subban before either. They're the kind of guys you hate them, unless they are on your team. Then you love them! Kinda like how Claude Lemieux was.

thomasnj thomasnj
3 weeks ago

I have friends in Ottawa who are big Habs fans, who swear to me that Subban is really a great guy. And I must say, he seems to be going out of his way to endear himself to NJ fans on social media. So as I say, maybe/hopefully I'll learn to like him.

On the other hand, I can't say I've ever heard anyone say Simmonds is a great guy.

But regardless of my personal feelings, I'll be happy if they help us win games.

Looking forward to taking in a couple of Devils games this season.
Easy drive and park- great value in my opinion.
Also- terrific Portuguese right around the corner

It's "Brasilia" and it's ok... but there are much better Portuguese restaurants Down Neck than that.

Goat Roti at Downtown is better as well. I was taken there by a friend of the owner. The oxtail is really good too, but I can only eat a small portion of that at a time...

Maybe Subban can finally learn how to play defense in NJ.

I'm not sure it's possible for me to go to a Devils game without eating at Hobby's Deli beforehand. We were season ticket holders for seven years, and I think I can probably count on my fingers how many times we skipped Hobby's before the game. After we gave up our seats (due to my wife getting a new job with more night hours), we sometimes went to Hobby's for dinner and then back home to watch the game on TV.

Just like Rutt's Hutt was the stop when they played at the Meadowlands, have to say that Hobby's is a great replacement when going to the Rock.

thomasnj thomasnj
3 weeks ago

where the hell have *i* been? just heard for the first time during the pregame show that JD has come back to the Rangers in the role of President. I think it's a great move... he did a heckuva job in St Louis and in Columbus.

ianimal - JD may have only been an OK goalie, but he's a great hockey insider. That and a great student of the game is what makes him a good president or GM. Very much a good judge of talent and financial administrator. He might not have been a play by play guy but it's what made him a good commentator as well.

Meanwhile I have a cat excited about Prague. Lightning and Sabres up.

1st goal of NYR year,

Roywhite Roywhite
2 weeks ago


Slow start to the season for the Rangers, schedule-wise... their last game was October 5th, their next game is October 12th and the next after that is on the 17th.

That's more of an NFL schedule than NHL.... and I'm sure they'll pay for it later in the season with 5 games in 6 days or something ridiculous like that.

ianimal ianimal
1 week ago

NJ falls sharply to Philadelphia.It's going to be a long season if Schneider continues like that. It'll be a very long season if Hart continues like that. Chances are neither are entirely indicative of the longer term. But how long they last are likely the make or break for both teams.

In any case, I have one seriously happy cat tonight... ;-)

I know it's way early in the season, but man, I'm seriously disappointed with the Devils' start. Granted, it takes time for teams to gel and for chemistry to develop, and I didn't expect them to come out guns a'blazin' right from the get-go. But I did expect to see some glimmer of hope given the aquisitions they've made. They don't look any better now than they did before. Sheesh....

No cure for an ailing NJ like a house call from NYR. Knew that would happen, shoulda’ bet.


Roywhite Roywhite
2 days ago

I figured it would be their first win because I was out to dinner and couldn't tune in to watch. But I did get home in time to see the third period.

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