Police at LLC

hey everyone, around midday today (9-11-19) i saw 3 or 4 police cars at/near the liberty learning center on rt46 with more on the way it seemed. does anyone know what's up? hoping everything's okay.

dovelove dovelove
Sep '19

Everything was fine at LLC. On Route 46 there was an elderly gentleman walking along the highway, and he was very disoriented. It just happened to be in the same area as LLC.

3 or 4 police cars with more on the way for a disoriented elderly gentleman walking along Route 46? It must have been a slow day in town for that kind of response. Hopefully the gentleman was okay.

kb2755 kb2755
Sep '19

thank you keri! and i hope he's okay too

dovelove dovelove
Sep '19

The park police were flagged down for the incident. They got in touch with Independence Police department which is when an ambulance was called. The incident was out of the park Police jurisdiction.

You shouldn't assume when you don't know what was actually happening and if you don't understand protocol.

Hockey mom Hockey mom
Sep '19

Hey hockey mom, relax! They didn't assume anything. They asked! Which is one of the things this forum is for.

Samiam Samiam
Sep '19

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