Schooley's Mountain County Park

Does anyone know the Green trail in Schooley's Mountain county park? It seems there are two? The Boulder Gorge Loop Trail that is flagged as 'difficult' and starts in an intersection of the White trail .... however, there doesn't seem to be a loop at all... the last mark of the trail ends on what seems to be a road called Scenic Falls Rd that leads to private properties on both sides... There seems to be missing signs to indicate where the trails continues or ends? Is this a bad signaled trail or are we just missing the markers somewhere?
Then there is the other 'Green' trail, that would start by the Chapel location. I believe this trail is closed since Sandy Hurricane (2012)? ... Does anyone ever did this one before it closed and it loops to the other by any chance? Is it close due to lack of funds to fix it? Such a shame that it seems a bit abandoned.

There used to be a bridge that crossed so u could go up to the chapel. It washed away years ago.

Sandy Tomlinson Sandy Tomlinson
September 11th

Not sure of the trail names. Which one on this map are you referring to?

justintime justintime
September 11th

This site details the "green trail-" PS Wow, there is falling waters?

Thank you all for the replies!

yes, AJMS, it's lovely

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