Mazda reliability?

Anyone here own a newer (2013+) Mazda? I’m all over the place shopping for my wife, from passport to highlander to the cx9 Mazda. I know they broke away from ford in 2013 or so and was told that their reliability is much better than it used to be. Has anyone had one for 5 or 6 years and 100k miles? How has it been? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Sep '19

We are on our fifth Mazda from the late now to present. 2 Mazda 626 1 Mazda Tribute 1 Mazda 6 and currently a 2016 CX5, my wife drives and loves it, She also really loved the 2009 Mazda 6 she had but and hated to give it up but was having issues with low seat with back pain and a higher seat was better. All 5 of our Mazda's were very very reliable. I don't have one myself because the CX5 is a little small for me and I feel very comfortable in a little larger SUV

I have the 2018 CX5 and LOVE it. I had a Acura TL prior, so I wasn't sure I would like the Mazda but I do. I will however say, that the dealership in Morristown is terrible. I would suggest going to Mazda in Wayne.

Sep '19

Jim- would be interested in hearing how your experience was on the Mazda 6 and rust?

How long, and how many miles did you have it?

We have Mazda CX5 2016 or 2017 (not sure). My husband loves how it runs but would prefer newer model that is more advanced. It's kept outside year long and no rust as of now.

My family has owned three Mazda 3's. Each went over 150K miles with nothing but normal and expected maintenance. We found them to be reliable and good cars.

I highly recommend Mazda, this coming from a Honda lover. Had a 2015 Mazda 6 for 95k miles no issues, loved the car so much I bought a 2018 Mazda 6 which I,love driving even more.

Hadenough Hadenough
Sep '19

Wow, is mine ever old. Mazda Tribute. 08. 62,000 miles. Hubby says it's time to go. I have looked at cars and they all look the same (wind tunnel). I'm looking at the Jeep pick up. Pretty cool looking. And I can get it in a stick. Woo Hoo!!

auntiel auntiel
Sep '19

Went from Nissan to Mazda last year - have 2016 CX5 + LOVE it. Same issue as someone above w/ getting in/out from car that sits low. Looked ~ 6 months - small SUV's - Rogue, RAV4, CRV + Mazda fit for me was Mazda. Toyota + Honda seats never "fit" me correctly - wasn't able to adjust to get comfortable during test drives. So far so good! Has ~ 57, 000 - do lots of commute miles. I got it used in 2018.

SS2cats SS2cats
Sep '19

Josh, We had our Mazda 6 about 6 years my wife only worked 2 miles away so Mileage was around 84K if I remember correctly. No rust at all on the 6 or any of the others. New brakes at 50K new tires about 45K. No major maintenance expense


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