Great Meadows power outage 9/9 19

Anybody know why the power is out in Great Meadows?

Sep '19

Someone posted on Facebook that they have no power on Petersburg Road.

kb2755 kb2755
Sep '19

Ours went out on Alphano and came back on. Yesterday I came home to no power and didn't get it back until after 11. Then it went back out.
What is going on with power loss lately?

Crews were actively out working along Route 46 around 9PM last night. Hopefully power has since been restored to those affected.

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
Sep '19

Same here on barkers mill - had power go out Sunday night, came back on - reset the clocks, then went back out again 3 more times.....then again went out last night - monday. Called to report- they said Sunday night a transformer broke -

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Re: Great Meadows power outage 9/9 19
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