Things on a tree

Things on a tree

Anyone know what these things are,or what kind of tree this is ? Are they edible?

Re: Things on a tree

Here’s another pic

Those are seeds. That looks like a Japanese or "Kousa" Dogwood, imported since they were resistant to some things plaguing our Native species.

Kousa dogwood. White pin wheel flowers in the spring.

This is the third time I’ve seen someone ask this recently ... is this the first time on a tree that’s never done this before? It’s beautiful either way just curious.

While sitting in traffic in Succasunna the other day, I noticed this tree that looks like it has long, green beans hanging on it. It’s a very large tree. Anyone have an idea of what these are?

No idea- but I promise as a child we would have thrown those at each other!! :)

It's likely a variety of locust tree, Honey Locust has the largest pods:

We are on the edge of the Catalpa's range too, which looks a bit more like green beans:

Dogwood : the fruit tastes a little like mango. For more info go to

Robert J Rowe Robert J Rowe
September 8th

Oh yeah, by the way. My response about the Locust Tree was for Bessie, not for the original poster, just in case anyone was confused. I'd already answered the OP earlier.

I'd never heard the seed/fruit of the Kousa Dogwood was edible before. Thanks for that Robert J Rowe. I'll have to check it out.

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