H.M.U.A water bill

Just got my water and sewer bill from HMUA.. my bill has almost doubled in a year and I’m actually down a household member so did rates go up or is everyone’s bill about the same as it always is?

H-Town Mama H-Town Mama
1 week ago

The rates have gone up slightly in the 20 year I've been paying them. But nothing more than that. It was mentioned another time too, but if you've got that much of an increase you need to call and have them come and check for leaks. An easy way to judge is to go back to a couple of previous bills and check the number of gallons.

Doesn’t the bill have the gallons used and the rate so you can compare the calculation?

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
1 week ago

My bills are the same. Check your actual water usage compared to the last bill. If it has increased then perhaps you have a toilet that "flushes" on its own by losing water to a leak or an old flapper inside it. Put some food coloring in the tanks after you flush. Don't use the toilet or flush it. Then check the water in the bowl about 1 to 2 hours after. If water in bowl is colored with the food coloring then you need a repair. That would probably be your "culprit".

Yes!! H-Town Mama.....same for me. My bill has consistently increased. I have been in my home for 18 years with only minimal increases over the years. This past year mine has almost doubled as well. I am also down a member of the household so I know for sure there was less water usage. Still each bill will always say more gallons were used. It is impossible. I just assumed it was due to all of the work they did all over town this past year. It's ridiculous.

write down your reading when you have a period of time in which no water will be used and look at the reading later and see if you have usage

Checked my HMUA bill today and compared it to last time.

Water usage and billed amount in about the same but the SEWER charge is up
the last two quarters on the invoice received. I don't remember ever getting an announcement of these charges going up ???

Your comments made me check into this today.

How do you check your water meter? Isn't it underground?

Naive Townie Naive Townie
1 week ago

My water meter used to be outside on the house. A man came around, pointed a meter reader at it and left.

Several years ago the HMUA put these meters in the house (basement) and they just drive by and it is read. Your meter is around your house (like the electric meter) is. Call HMUA and they will tell you where it is in/at your house.

Do you ever read your electric meter?

Naive Townie

Normally the meter is immediately after where the line from the street enters the basement right after the incoming line makes a turn. That's to ensure that nobody is able to tap into the line before the meter and in essence "steal" water being supplied, paying for less than is delivered. There's normally also a valve on either side of it or at the very least on the supply side.

Most communities these days have replaced the old standard meters where a town employee had to come to your house and physically go down into your basement and "read" and record the digits on the flowmeter which measures gallons delivered. The newer meters have a pair of wires which exit the house and go to a reader box mounted on the street side foundation wall. The town employee drives by and points a device at the box on the wall and downloads the meter reading which itself downloads at HQ.

Phil D. Phil D.
1 week ago

Hmm that's interesting. I assumed they were still coming to read the meter at the house. If they are just doing a drive by to get a reading that may explain a lot. I live on a flag lot and have a family of 5 that lives in front of me. How would I know if its an accurate reading? It just seems odd that mine has increased so much with less people here

I can't speak for anyone else but what they point to and read for me is just a remote to the actual meter. Mine is down in the basement and I just read the numbers to make sure it's right.

I’m sure all the meters are coded when they do an RF scan so they don’t get your neighbors usage on your bill.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
1 week ago

I'm pretty sure Mark Mc. is correct and the transmitting box from the meter is coded to the number of the meter and thereby the address, but it wouldn't hurt to go down in the basement and check both your meter number and the current reading and compare them to what your bill states. If there are any discrepencies, possibly caused by a mixup if they put newer boxes on the wall, then you need to address that with the HMUA. Hopatcong updated their boxes a few years back and I could see the possibility of issues with box replacement on a flag lot, depending on how they get programmed when installed. I'm not an expert at that, nor do I play one on TV, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night;-) I'm sure that googling "Issues with remote water meter reading" would give more answers.

Phil D. Phil D.
1 week ago

Your water meter is most likely in your basement or crawl space. There are some meters that are in meter pits out by the curb. Most of these are in newer built houses. The Meters are being replaced with meters with a radio unit so they can read the meter without entering your property. Each radio unit has a unique ID that is specific to your account. If you locate your meter look at the to register. There is a small red arrow on top. If that is spinning you are using water. And yes HMUA did raise the rates late last year.

Earnhardt Earnhardt
1 week ago

Still the cheapest around!!

1 week ago

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