Best/Proper way of removing gel nails

Hi! Can anyone out there tell me the best, proper, and safest way to remove a gel manicure. In the past the nail technicians would soak then scrape it off but now I'm finding they use a machine to grind it off. I feel like my nails are getting quite thin and brittle but not sure if that could be why. Does anyone have knowledge regarding this and can let me know if one way is better than another for removal?


Missymiss Missymiss
Aug '19

There is no other way

That’s the way to remove gel polish.. Or just let it grow out and wear off.. I find that gel polish is very damaging to nails .. Give your nails a break from it,and use a nail strengthener.... Also take Hair, skin and name l vitamins..

Havaclue Havaclue
Aug '19

Soak off is the best option. 15 minutes at least, to avoid scraping.. All options damage your nails. Best to do it at home as gently as possible.

maja2 maja2
Aug '19

I agree with maja2, soak off of is best, and give a rest to get nails back to regular strength.

tripsy tripsy
Aug '19

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Re: Best/Proper way of removing gel nails
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