Bat issues

I need a bat relocated. It’s been hanging on my storm window every night and day. It might have rabies. I’ll like it removed. Does anyone relocate bats?

Call animal control.

Calico696 Calico696
3 weeks ago

I did. But they only remove them if they are in the house :-(

What makes you think it has rabies? Is it showing symptoms?

"... they only remove them if they are in the house"

So... open the window (-;

Basically there are two types of bat cliques. The family plan and the bachelor bat. While the families have numerous members, the bachelor can be really dedicated to it's home area. Everywhere else he goes, he gets abuse from some family....

It appears you have a bachelor. A loner, and not likely to have buddies till he finds a family and then he won't want your window. If rabid, the problem will cure itself in a couple of days, so it is probably not rabid. It happens, but still fairly rare. If staying more than 24-hours, that's strange, but probably not impossible, weather dependent. But can't stay too long without food n water.

Two ways --- wait till he leaves and block the area so he can't come back. And I mean block so that a mouse could not sneak in any cracks to your cover. However, even if you do that perfectly some of these fellows my just find another part of your house. Five spots I chased a guy one time; the families are often easier to evict than one dedicated fellow willing to live with some lodging difficulties.

Removal: these guys are good: Not cheap, but he won't come back, and they follow all the rules.

Best luck.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
3 weeks ago

If it is on the outside of your house, how is it bothering you? A very low amount of bats have rabies contrary to popular belief. If you really want to pay someone to remove it, do not call a run of the mill pest control as they might not be licensed to remove bats and these little guys are protected wildlife. These guys look legit -

But you could also use Pennsylvania Bat Rescue as a reference to point you in the right direction.

Higher temperatures, more insects. More insects, more bats. Bats are good, keeping the balance.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
3 weeks ago

Bats are not bad to have around and it’s illegal to kill them as they are protected. If it’s just hanging out on the outside of your window then it really isn’t a problem. Come winter it will find a warmer place to hang out. In my opinion you should just leave it be. If it’s not trying to attack you, not foaming at the mouth and acting strange it’s probably a healthy bat, just leave it be.

Jesse132 Jesse132
3 weeks ago

Its there day and night ...Is it dead ?

3 weeks ago

Thanks camper. That’s a lot of good info.

Yes it’s there day and night, but still alive unfortunately.

Does it ever fly off to feed?

Jesse132 Jesse132
3 weeks ago

Go on Amazon and order a bat house and hang it on a tree in your yard and he will relocate from your window to the bat house. Bats are not usually rabid, against popular belief. They are actually advantageous to have in your yard because they sleep most of the day and then wake up at night and eat all those pesky mosquitos and other insects.

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