Gifted and talented programs

Hi guys, My child just rec'd the Olsat -8 score which falls in the gifted category, and we are in Great Meadows district. Does anyone know if they have a gifted and talented program. I cannot find information on it. I can find programs in the Hackettstown Schools but nothing for GMRSD. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Contact - Mrs. Debra Grigoletti, Director of Curriculum & Instruction. She is the shared director for Great Meadows and Hackettstown her email

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
Aug '19

KS- there is a GATE ( gifted and talented enrichment) program in Great Meadows. Mommy of 3 made a great suggestion of who to contact if you desire more info on the program.

sportsfan sportsfan
Aug '19

Thank you mommyof3 and Sportsfan!

yes, think about what you might want. because one of the options will likely be to push child up a grade, which has positives and negatives.

ken e
Aug '19

Don’t have your kid skip a grade. Ask me how I know :)

It’s torture.

Aug '19

Yes, I most likely wouldn’t want my child to skip a grade even if it was an option. She’s only going into 3rd, and was very bored in kindergarten and 1st. I just don’t want her to be bored.

I skipped 7th grade and it has been an advantage all my life. I graduated high school at a little over 17, graduated college at a little over 20. I was working in my career field and established before my peers were out of school and in debt for school. It depends on the child so don't discount skipping a grade on advice by naysayers.

Consigliere - Maybe. Maybe not. I think a lot depends on the kid and how old they are. Sometimes it can be the wrong thing socially. But on the other hand some kids adapt easily and other kids are just too driven. What isn't right for one individual is sometimes just the ticket for another. "Ask me how I know :)"

Thanks for the advice, of course I have a lot to discuss with the director mentioned above, the principal of her school and teacher, in the next few months.

I skipped 8th grade. I ended up with my Masters degree at age 22. You have to decide what you think is best for your child.

happiest girl
Aug '19

The idea of "skipping a grade" is an interesting question - it is no longer done routinely for "advanced" kids - as it is well recognized that just because a child is ahead of the curve academically and at one point in time, it does not necessarily mean they are advanced in terms of other areas of development (emotional/social/physical, etc.). Also advancing the child means that you may take a child who is at the top of the group in academics, with all the boosts to self esteem that brings, and place them in a position where they are in the middle or lower part of the group in the year ahead of them. Also, if a child is learning academics easily, then it gives them an opportunity to branch out and learn other things - music, art, sports, hobbies, their own pursuits etc. - that may not be available to kids who need to put more effort into academics. In general, the trend for gifted and talented is to branch out and provide more opportunities for experiences in other areas rather than have them skip ahead. My child participated in GATE, which did just that - gave them experiences that were in addition to traditional academics. For him, it meant that he also had exposure to things that weren't just what he would learn by skipping ahead, and he was in a group of kids who were learning at his pace - and he continued through his school career to relate with this group.

rleaf rleaf
Aug '19

What if you’re gifted but not talented or vice-versa?

I agree that skipping grades is not always the best. I skipped all of High School because I took them at their word and had a very difficult time reintroducing myself to college studies ;-). Had it down round bout Masters time, great timing ;-)

My kid skipped and we had a devil of a time choosing extracurricular activities: age or grade? Grade retains buddies; age is body/social appropriate. But it worked out.

My wife never graduated High School, skipped senior year and the prom but no issue in getting Masters.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Aug '19

How about this for the less fortunate among us.

Old Gent Old Gent
Sep '19

Great article! Thanks, Old Gent.

Spring Fever Spring Fever
Sep '19

Old gent- thank you so much for sharing that article. What a wonderful place and the services provided I am sure prove invaluable.

sportsfan sportsfan
Sep '19

I skipped a grade, and was in a G&T program. I would have--should have--been one of those kids who graduated high school at 13 and got a free scholarship to Princeton. But back then, the schools didn't believe in skipping more than one grade (just as many of them don't believe in it now). So, I was simply bored and miserable, in school.

Don't ever hold your child back, because some school administrator knows better than you what is good for your child.

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
Sep '19

Stranger danger, Are you saying that your wife got a masters degree but did not graduate from high school?

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