Mountain Lake - Cycling?

I've always thought the road around Mountain Lake would make an excellent cycling circuit/Criterium track. This week my multi speed road bike had a mechanical and is out of commission until the weekend. I was thinking of taking my single speed/track bike up to the lake for a couple days of amazing weather that are expected, but I have some questions:

1. Where can one park?
2. Is there notable traffic in the area for any reason on weekday afternoons?
3. Would the locals be OK with a cyclist zipping around their neighborhood 10-15 times?
4. Is anyone else interested in joining me on this little endeavor?

Some Guy (Art) Some Guy (Art)
Aug '19

I would wait until the never ending repair of Lakeside Drive is done. There are barricades there that will slow your trip down considerably.

Only been 1.5 years now that the road is closed. Safety and community concern that has not hastened the repair.

Park in front of the always for sale Lodge at MtLake. No issues on the weekdays.

Do it during a weekend afternoon - your likely to get cut off by the perpetual speeders through the lake.

Your better taking the 4 mile loop around part of the lake- follow it out to green pond road.- then loop back on Tamarack. That’s the ride to do.

Love my lake- it’s just under repair.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Aug '19

I can't see why anyone would bother you if you parked at the fire house.

But I also don't know if they have yet repaired the road as a section of it was damaged and has been shut down for a long time. Meaning you maight not be able to make a loop.

No Art, The photographers have it all sewn up, see. The road closure is a hoax to keep cyclists and spring water city leeches out.

I also live at the lake and agree with the rhyme animal.

Is beach ever open? I stopped by a couple of times and it was closed with no explanation signs.

Unfortunately, the beach is short lifeguards this year, Yes, it is open.

I ride around the lake every night. You just have to be careful in the construction area.
It says it's off limits but you can get through. You can make a Bigger Loop out Mountain Lake Road towards 519, then back on Rutherford, then pickup Beechwood, then Tamarack.

Aug '19

Re: Mountain Lake - Cycling?

Thats pretty well closed. Forced to de-bike or turn around which sucks for what I wanted to do. But a nice ride around the lake anyway.

I still think it would make a great Criterium track when it's open. Some tight off-camber turns, some quick bumps to drop the guys that don't know how to shift, some wide and narrow!

Some Guy (Art) Some Guy (Art)
Aug '19

Finally- 1.5 years after being closed, Lakeside Drive construction has been completed and you can now fully get around the lake without obstruction.

Been quite a week or so for Liberty Twp- between the Lodge being sold and the road construction being done.

Long time coming- all the way around.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Oct '19

OoO Definitely going back now! Anyone care to join?

Some Guy (Art) Some Guy (Art)
Oct '19

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