2019 Hackettstown Life Forum Pickem Game

I set up a pool for picking NFL games "against the spread", if anyone's interested. This pool is strictly "for entertainment purposes" and bragging rights, at least it always has been. I'm not averse to putting up a few bucks if that's what everyone wants to do.

If you participated last year, you should have received an email invite.

The settings and sign-up information are below:


Group ID#: 12629
Group Password forum
Confidence Points No
Spread Yes
Tiebreakers Yes
Start Week 1
Drop Scores - Drop lowest 1 week
Deadline 5 minutes before each game
Playoffs Yes

The first game of the season is still three and a half weeks off, so sign up whenever you get a chance before then if you wish to play this season. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

ianimal ianimal
Aug '19

Bumping this up... the window's closing to get signed up and get your pick in for tonight's GB-CHI game.

ianimal ianimal
Sep '19

Perfect season ruined!

Late to the party. But it is the same as missing a week.....My participation ensures that you are not last.

BrownEyesGuy BrownEyesGuy
Sep '19

I'm only 3 wins ahead of you, lol.

ianimal ianimal
Sep '19

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