Motorcycle Ride 8/11

Anybody looking to do a ride this Sunday Aug. 11?
I'm meeting up with a few riders. 10am Sunday at the Bottle King/Dunkin Donuts parking lot Rt 10 & 202 in Morris Plains. I know it's a bit of a ride but the end point is Water's Edge on 46, not sure what town that is but west of HTown.
10am meetup but we usually wait to @ 10:30 to ride. We will ride 513 through Randolph and Chester, then south through Pottersville to 517 back up to Califon and work our way to Waters Edge.
Very casual older riders in this very small group.
Hope a few can go---CBGB----

It sounds fun CBGB. I hope some HL people join you!

maja2 maja2
Aug '19

Re: Motorcycle Ride 8/11

Sounds fun, be safe!

I may go for a ride down here if it’s not too hot tomorrow.
Picked this up a couple months ago...

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Aug '19

Really nice Mark-love the retro paint scheme. I've got a ZRX 1100 and ZRX 1200 myself. Love old style bikes! How do you like it?

It’s a lot of fun so far. I also have a ‘97 Shadow 1100 but I got sick of dealing with carburetors gunking up so I just bit the bullet and finally got something with fuel injection. This thing makes the Shadow feel like it’s 100 years old by comparison!

Has just enough power (~100 HP) to be fun but not too crazy with ABS and traction control. There are a few common, but very minor, nitpicks that most owners notice. The off-on throttle transition takes some finesse to avoid being too abrupt and it runs a bit hot before the fan kicks on. Both are easily fixed with an ECU re-flash but I’ll wait until the warranty is up before I do that.

It’s definitely one of the few current bikes that I like the looks of... most everything else looks like a transformer or some deranged insect with angled bodywork all over.

It also came with a free Akrapovic can (in addition to the stock one). Still a bit too quiet since there’s also a huge muffler/cat under the motor. Some day I’ll get the Akra headers for a better sound, but they are a bit pricy...

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Aug '19

Re: Motorcycle Ride 8/11

I'd love to- but I crashed last Aug 23rd and spent days in a trauma center and weeks after to get back on my feet and back to work.

I keep my helmet in my garage as a reminder why I won't ride again. Worst pain of my life.

I miss riding dearly- but I had decades of fun. I look at it like having another filet mignon or shrimp cocktail.

Would I enjoy it? Sure. But would it be anything new? No. Just reliving the experience again- and I am lucky to be alive, so I have everything to loose with nothing new to gain.

Since the crash I've sold 1 of my dirtbikes, and my ZRX1200. I still have to unload my KLX400 and the CB1100.


Have fun guys- BE SAFE!!!

Mark, they make a device called a Booster Plug to clear up that abrupt throttle response. takes about 5 minutes to plug in and can be taken off just as quick if you have warranty issues. It's specifically made for ride by wire throttles and most people say it works very well.

Josh, nice CB1100. I don't think you'll have too much trouble selling it. I'd keep it just to look at it though!

Re: Motorcycle Ride 8/11

Yea- I was having fun modifying it and never finished.

Here is the video from the last dyno I was able to do, still on the stock ECU.

I then flashed the ECU a couple days later, but had the accident before I could make it back to see the results.

That was cool to watch. I always take my bikes to Ron. He does great work.

stopped riding? I remember seeing that CB1100 at Ron's on the dyno in person.

I'd be all over that KLX400 if I didn't just buy a DRZ.

Re: Motorcycle Ride 8/11

"I'd be all over that KLX400 if I didn't just buy a DRZ."

Just get the green plastics for the Suzuki.
They are identical machines (Suzuki built them for Kawasaki).

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Aug '19

haha I wanted either one, the plastics don't matter.

Although I do prefer the Suzuki white/blue/black on the SM I picked up over the regular S model.

The SM looks nice, I like the upside down forks better than those on the regular DRZ.

That change *almost* made the bike modern enough for me to be interested, but I still couldn't get past the fact that the motor (and the whole bike in general) is still a 20 year old carbureted design.

I understand why Suzuki hasn't made any changes (grandfathered in for emissions, and the design/tooling has long been paid off), but it would be nice to see what the DRZ could become with fuel injection and a small weight loss program. Of course, that would jack up the price too...

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Aug '19

Re: Motorcycle Ride 8/11

Yea the CB1100's put down low 80's stock so to hit 100whp was a milestone for me, as and far as I know has not been done by anyone else yet.

I'd like to bring it back to Ron now that the ECU is tuned and see what it does.

My KLX is an E model which means full dirt w/ electric start.

The E model has a better carb (FCR) and camshaft as well as different exhaust- all for more power over the street legal versions whether dual sport or supermoto.

I modified it to be like the dirtbikes I grew up on in the 80's. Changed all the cosmetics, race tech springs front and rear, bigger rear sprocket, different seat, bars, big tank, tool bag, all the guards and skidplates....even added a kick starter in case the battery failed. Trail tech dash. Oh- and a jet kit with airbox snorkel removal. Should make right at 40whp as a guess.

Sadly the bike only has literally less than 100 miles on it since it rolled out of the factory new. Rode it 2-3 times and quickly discovered my brain may still be 20, but my body isn't.

Pic attached when build was done.

Re: Motorcycle Ride 8/11

And another after a ride-

“my brain may still be 20, but my body isn't”

Well, DRZ’s and KLX’s have always been a (heavy) handful.

I rode one for a few minutes when I was 20’ish and it felt like an absolute brick compared to my 2 stroke KTM. Fine for casual/dual sport but I couldn’t imagine wrestling one through an enduro.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Aug '19

Def not a 2-stroke, but what is?

Would make a great supermoto swap though...

yeah I love my new SM. the other bikes are good but the DRZ makes a great commuter.

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