Looking for a decent bundle of firewood in the great meadows area .. $10-$20 worth.. anyone know anyone selling?

Camper Camper
Aug '19

There is the guy on Alphano Road by Nykuns lane. I think he is $20 for a decent bundle

Voiceofthevalley Voiceofthevalley
Aug '19

If you are looking for firewood for an outside firepit, I have have what you need. I am in Mansfield township. Text if interested 908 310 5320

And the difference between outside fire pit and inside fire place is??

Perhaps the wood for outside is pine or another soft wood, Josh? Those should not be used indoors.

YeahRight YeahRight
Aug '19

The wood I have is too big for my wood stove but is ideal for a campfire type setting. Hope that clears your confusion.

"And the difference between outside fire pit and inside fire place is??" -- Josh

The kind of wood used.
If you had a fireplace you would know that.

happiest girl
Aug '19

The kind of wood used."
If you had a fireplace you would know that."

I wouldn't have known that either - up until this past winter when my husband decided our primary source of heat would be our wood-burning stove and it was baptism by fire (no pun intended) for me. I was up every morning at 5 am feeding the fire and he stoked it the rest of the day and night. LOL.

The softer woods burn much faster and create a lot more dirty smoke which ultimately results in a higher creosote concentration in the chimney. I wouldn't have known that a mere year ago, however. :-D

Cathy R Cathy R
Aug '19

I suppose I could lead with a "getting wood" joke....but....

As for outside fires, the soft wood likes to snap, crackle and pop spreading sparks n cinders wherever it goes! Not good for drier days or lower tree canopies as the embers sail off into the evening sky. Kindling maybe.

Cathy: round here, look for Locust, better btu's per cord.

Here's the tale of the tape for wood.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Aug '19

"The kind of wood used.
If you had a fireplace you would know that."

Thanks Jerkiest Girl! No- not really, you added nothing to the discussion.

I have a fireplace.

It doesn't have an instruction book, and they didn't teach fireplace 101 when I was a kid.

I just put in whatever dry wood that fits and looks like a log. Usually on the side of the road for $5-$10 somewhere.

But now I know! :)

Cathy- thanks for explaining instead of chastising that I 'should know'.

I do know not to burn stuff like pallets because of chemicals and possible soaked in paint, oil, etc.

Cathy R. --- Yes! The soft wood produces a lot of smoke -- and makes the dangerous buildup in the chimney. People with fireplaces know that --- or find out fast enough!

happiest girl
Aug '19

and whatever you do....never burn pressure treated woods !!

steven steven
Aug '19

Bumping this back up.... it's firewood time.... recommendations? I'm looking to get LESS than a 1/2 cord this time... last time I got a 1/2 it was Hurricane Sandy! I STILL have some of it! I don't need that much, I don't heat my house with it.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Oct '19

Bumping back up again...

Having a hard time finding firewood... Tim's Timber is already out, and haven't found anyone else who does 1/2 cords...?

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Nov '19

Yukon Bob(Bob Mills) 908-852-6999

exphysics teacher
Nov '19

I called Bob before posting, waiting to see if he returns my call...

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Nov '19

Harold Justnes (908-684-4310). Price used to be $235 for slightly more than a cord (approx 1 1/4 cord). Not sure of price today. Great service. Friendly guy. Stores the wood under a covered building so it is ready to go.

nancy nancy
Nov '19

"Cathy R. --- Yes! The soft wood produces a lot of smoke -- and makes the dangerous buildup in the chimney. People with fireplaces know that --- or find out fast enough!"

A total crock. Feel free to do the research.

To those who don't have firewood, buy it in the spring if you are not cutting your own. If you do this, and stack it properly, you will always have seasoned dry wood, as it will have all summer to season and dry. Waiting till the last minute and trusting someone else to have it just ruins your fire burning season.

Pine is fine to burn. Some burn only pine. It's labor intensive as it has less BTU per pound as stated by another. Burns faster and hotter, so does not last as long-more trips to the woodpile- and more required if you are purchasing by the cord.

Wet wood causes creosote. Every time. Smokey fires cause creosote. Lousy cold chimneys cause creosote as well.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Nov '19

Anyone still interested, Herod's Landscaping in Flanders delivers firewood, and they will deliver 1/2 cord.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Nov '19

Bumping this up. Need less than a 1/2 cord. Looking to just fill up the bed of my pickup. Anyone know of anyone that would let me do that?

Farfromnow Farfromnow
2 weeks ago

Dodgebaal got it right. 90% of the wood that is sold at this time of year is maybe 1/2 seasoned or fresh cut. Buy it in the spring, stack it in a sunny location. Don’t cover it. It will be perfect when the burn season starts. Like he said cold chimneys and unseasoned wet wood cause creosote.

Harold Justnes (908-684-4310) sells 1/2 cords of wood

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
2 weeks ago

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