Hatchery Hill School is 50 Years Old! Looking for Nostalgic Pictures!

Hatchery Hill School will be celebrating its 50th birthday this year. I am looking for nostalgic pictures to display at the school as part of our celebration. Graduates of the HHS Class of 1982 were in the first Kindergarten class at Hatchery Hill in 1969, if that is where they went to school. If anyone is willing to share pictures, please send them to me at segan@hackettstown.org. I have been a teacher at Hatchery Hill for the last 33 years, and I was also a member of the first Kindergarten class. This celebration is a special one! Thank you in advance.

Susan Egan Susan Egan
Aug '19

I was in the first 1st grade class.
We buried a time capsule. I believe we buried it in 1970, to be opened in 2000. I remember the basic area it was buried. Was it ever opened? It would be sweet to open it up.

Aug '19

@4of4...My daughter had her name in that capsule that was buried at Hatchery Hill as well. I am not positive, but seems to me I read that they did dig that up some time ago..Hmmm!!!

joyful joyful
Aug '19

I have a framed photo of a HH first grade class from 1972 - you're welcome to borrow it for your project. Just email me, if interested.

friend friend
Aug '19

I do remember something about a time capsule and I thought it was in the courtyard. Nothing has ever been dug up...to the best of my knowledge, but that doesn't mean it wasn't. I will investigate since I am in contact with teachers that were at Hatchery Hill since the beginning. Thank you for reminding me of that, 4 of 4!

Friend, I will contact you about obtaining a digital copy of the 1972 first grade. I may have one already. I have to check on Monday.

Thank you all for responding! Several have reached out to me through email and it is so much fun to see all of the pictures.

Susan Egan Susan Egan
Aug '19

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