Cat Litter -Whew ! Oh Mama

Hello, just wondered what everyone is using these days for cat litter odor control and prevention.

I do still prefer non-clumping, but since I have 4 cats $$ is always a consideration.

Would love some recco's. thanks

Dr Elsey's. Available at Hackettstown Pet Supplies. World's Greatest is also good, except that it tracks.

Arm and Hammer Cloud Control

Mickey21 Mickey21
7 days ago

Worlds Best Cat Litter not dust

Works great!!

Here is a prior thread now closed, discussing cat litter as well.

It is funny how cats will "choose" what litter they like. We all know they all seem to love going as soon as it is changed or scooped. LOL

Exquisicat pine pellets, sold at PetSmart for $15 for 40 pounds. When we got our first kitten she had been using pine pellets in the shelter and wouldn't take to clay litter, so we switched. When the cats scratch around now, it smells like pine instead of pee.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
7 days ago

Dr. Elsey's respiratory health because one of the three has been asthmatic - it isn't cheap but it has helped--with three I order everything from Chewys -

4catmom 4catmom
7 days ago

Yellow bucket brigade here. We repurpose for pellets to be so warm, so clean, so manageable by the lighter, shorter set and they last years. On sale/coupon SR.

Key is Chewy, online, free shipping, and only the Fedex/UPS people hate me. Only a couple months plus until its pelleting time!

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
7 days ago

A two-inch layer of hardwood pellets (sold as fuel for pellet stoves available at Tractor
Supply) on top of a one-inch layer of old newspapers. The carbon in the pellets and
paper naturally works to neutralize the ammonia in the cat waste (google Carbon/Nitrogen Cycle). As well as being highly effective at odor control, absorbency, and easy disposal, this method is so much cheaper than conventional litter and, as an added bonus, you can compost the used litter, it's totally biodegradable, although be advised it can take years to make a finished usable compost which you can tremendously benefit your ornamental plants or lawn with, it's worth the wait. A Win-Win solution to me anyways. Good luck.

Chris S. Chris S.
7 days ago

Somehow that breaks my circle of life..... interesting idea yet I would recommend composting out of sight. Watered pellets look weird.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
7 days ago

Pine pellets at Tractor supply $6/40lb bag

this is a great thread , thanks

Re: Cat Litter -Whew ! Oh Mama

Sorry. I'm a "clumping" kind of kat. Daddy gets us Scoop Away dust or not. They have a low dust version now and it works for us. Pellets were OK for solid, not so great for liquid. We prefer tight clumping clay with good odor control. It's just what we like.

Re: Cat Litter -Whew ! Oh Mama

Me and my 3 sisters aren’t high maintenance like some..umm not naming anyone.

We like Special Kitty Natural Clay Litter..cause we are natural and special. Mom always sprinkles some white stuff in it..makes it smell good.

Positive Positive
7 days ago

I go between Dr. Elsey's Senior litter ($19 for an 8lb bag though) and the Walmart brand crystal litter.. Used to be called MiMi, but now it's Vitality or something like that. It's under $10. Neither are clumping or scented.

Weebiekins Weebiekins
7 days ago

World's best cat litter at our house - it is more expensive, but it lasts much longer.... I order it rather than purchase at grocery store - a bit better pricing. (I also like the option of being able to occasionally flush a little of the waste when necessary)

My boy will only use Yesterday's News (recycled newspaper pellets). It doesn't track, doesn't contain harmful odor-control chemicals that cause UTIs, and is easy to clean. You can see what's wet, clear that part, and retain the rest.

Natalie Rhinesmith Natalie Rhinesmith
6 days ago

I second Positive's post. Worlds Best is expensive and smells strange. Very messy also. Special Kitty unscented clay. Natural and cheap and you do up the boxes 2 or 3x per week. No big deal.

I tried scented litter in the cats and I got teared eye and congested from it.

I keep the clay litter fresh with plenty of baking soda and scooping. I change it every other day.

I use Yesterday’s News for sickly fosters that I have to keep in a large pen temporarily. It’s much less messy and is easy to clean up.

Positive Positive
6 days ago

I've tried several of the alternative litters cat wants none of it! But for regular, CLUMPING litter I actually find that Target's brand of unscented is quite good. Tried it on the advice of another pet sitter. It's sold in easy to handle jugs...minimal dust, and works fine for odor (though I scoop every day or sometimes every other day for 1 cat)

I've been using Arm & Hammer''s Slide which is a clumping litter and 100% dust free. Works great (for us)!

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