Rt 46 hill into Hackettstown dead stop

Sitting on hill rt46 into Hackettstown for over 45 minutes

P covert P covert
Jul '19

I got caught in it also. Had to go all the way back to Budd Lake and pick up 80 to get to independence. I was at intersection of 46 and Naughright. Coming from Flanders. My 20 minute commute took me 90 minutes. UGH

According to what I have read there is a tree across the road by Drakestown Road. They are telling people to avoid the area.

RC mom RC mom
Jul '19

Was on Naughtright rd as well - couldn't turn left onto rt. 46 to get into Hackettstown, so turned around and then turned right onto - think it is called drakestown rd (goes behind Paragon Village) that brought me down to Rt. 46 (going up side), crossed over onto the exit road which brought me to Rt. 46 (going down) and was able to get back on. Accident or whatever it was was above me. Didn't take long at all.

buckeye fan buckeye fan
Jul '19

not sure about a tree down on Drakestown, but heading East was a nightmare this morning due to an overturned tt on 80 near Wharton. 46, 206, 80, 10 all horrendous.

Scott Scott
Jul '19

now that i re-read previous posts, i realize most of you were talking about yesterday.

the accident i am referring to is friday morning.

Scott Scott
Jul '19

Heard it was TrackerTrailer turned over - Closed lanes around Exit 34, I80 - since early this morning, 5:15am

Just made the highway standstill right before Exit 30, able to commute via Howard Blvd/Mt.Arlington (Bus & Train) junction

ftcfda@aol.com ftcfda@aol.com
Jul '19

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Re: Rt 46 hill into Hackettstown dead stop
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