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Do you have any recommendations for the place to stay with kids, by the lake with canoeing/boating opportunities? We would like to go to Quebec Canada this year. If you have any experience you can share, it would be great. Thank you, Sandy.

Sandy 01 Sandy 01
Jul '19

Hi Sandy...

All I can tell you is that we had a great time there a few years back. I can't recall the place we stayed, but it was not a major hotel, and we were more than satisfied.

Not nearly as big as Montreal, but we enjoyed it much more, especially bc there were virtually no traffic snarls like the one's you encounter in Montreal. You have to go see the "mini falls", and then go to the island for a change of pace.

Just do your homework and you will find a suitable place to stay. Then enjoy the village like atmosphere of Quebec, there's plenty to take in. One caveat...I don't think visiting Quebec in the winter is for the weak minded, but since this isn't the case, have FUN!

Restaurant Ralph Restaurant Ralph
Jul '19

I love this hotel in Montreal ….

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Jul '19

Sandy01 -

Do you want to go to Quebec, the Province or Quebec City? Ralph answered for Quebec City. He's right about places to stay and the traffic. It's easy to get a hotel, plenty decent chains with OK prices right outside Quebec City. Quite a few in St Foy on the highway in. Kids will like the Plains of Abraham with the soldier displays and canon firings at the fort.

For the lakes and boating I would suggest two possibilities. Mont Tremblant and La Mauricie Park. Both are National Parks with lots of activities like that. Don't have specific places to stay there. If you go to La Mauricie I know you can pick up a decent hotel in Shawinigan, or right off the highway in Trois-Riviere. That area is right between Montreal and Quebec City and is an easy way to see both by day trip if you want.

Thank you!

Sandy 01 Sandy 01
Jul '19

It's technically Quebec but just over the border from Ottawa, but if you do go to that area I have a very specific suggesting for the kids. Go to the Canadian Children's Museum in Gatineau, just on the other side of the river on the Ontario/Quebec border in Ottawa. Right from the start the kids are greeted, told their cost, and reminded "Parents are free". After all, they aren't allowed in several parts of the museum. After paying the kids are reminded they totally must accompany their parents at ALL TIMES until there is a kids only area. Then they drop off the parents where they are safely looked after by attendants. That kind of attitude sets the tone for the whole experience. Me and my brother went there as 9 & 12 year olds and had a blast. The first thing we did as a whole family was go through a wacky 30 degree skewed room where you got all disoriented. We were then told mom & dad could not continue to our area and were left behind. We then did some other activities but then saw the previous crazy tilted room had a hidden camera. You could wait for the kids that went through it to come out the other side without the parents and then all have a good laugh at them. There were some other activities to do and then you were then reunited with mom & dad. It was then up to you to disclose whether you had a laugh at their expense or not. It set the whole tone for the museum where kids were king and the parents were an after thought. ;-)

Later in the museum there were all sorts of Pullman Train cars, vintage cars, machinery, and other things everyone did together so the parents liked it too. But from a kids perspective it was a great experience where they all made sure you were in charge of the parents and not the other way around.

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