Hackettstown Street Fair

Just got a Facebook notification that the Street Fair is cancelled. Anyone know why?

Sophia Sophia
July 10th

Maybe because the BID Director, Jim iSheldon, is retiring at the end of the summer.

July 10th

I’m not sure what type of Facebook notification you got but the street fair isn’t until September 15th and the BID’s Facebook page hasn’t cancelled it nor do I think they are planning on canceling it.

probably due to not enough vendors signing up??

Re: Hackettstown Street Fair

I got this notification on Facebook this morning but can't figure out WHO'S canal day was cancelled! If you click on it, it just takes you to the Events page. It doesn't show the cancelled event.

Hackettstown street fair is not called “Canal Day” so that is not us

Canal day is in Wharton. This is why social media sucks. Fake news! If you want to know the real deal, call BiD vs. HL or FB.

For reals For reals
July 10th

I'm not an idiot, Jim L. I never said it was the same thing. I was commenting on the fact I also got an event deleted notification for something. Also, Wharton is NOT the only place that does Canal Days.

Re: Hackettstown Street Fair

Here is proof that it was canceled as I got the notification too.

SueR, Jim L never said you were an idiot at all. You posted something that had nothing to do with the topic and a random Facebook notification...and usually everyone equates Canal Day with Wharton, which is relatively close, so, geesh. Lighten up.

July 10th

There’s a big differences between being canceled and being deleted! It may have got deleted because they weren’t happy were something on the post, need to change something on it. Canceling it is just flat out saying it’s canceled and not happening at all.
Maybe ask the Facebook bids why it was deleted before assuming it was canceled totally!

July 10th

Re: Hackettstown Street Fair

It’s still up on the BID’s Facebook page so perhaps they deleted the post and created a new one? But the event is not cancelled

The STREET FAIR IS NOT CANCELED! I am not sure from where on facebook that you received a post that the Street Fair has been canceled this year. As a matter of fact today we received the acknowledgment letter from the state as part of the process for the state highway closure permit.

I hope this helps!

July 11th

does anyone know the site to register for a vendor and cost

Jim L posted the link to the Hackettstown BID's FB page. Then the director of the BID posted above your post. So I recommend going to the BID website since they are presenting the event.

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