Inexpensive Storage Units in the Area

I have to store some things, long-term (perhaps a year or more), and I am in need of a climate-controlled self-storage unit. There are some in the Hackettstown area, but they are fairly expensive. Since I wouldn't need to access the unit often, I wouldn't mind driving a bit, to save some money. Is anybody aware of any self-storage units in Warren County (or northern Hunterdon County) that are decent, but notably less expensive?

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
Jul '19

Hunterdon County will be more expensive.

You may find something cheaper in PA, definitely not Hunterdon County.

ianimal ianimal
Jul '19

Maybe out towards belvedere

Jul '19

Find a private person, or burn the stuff.
Burning it will probably be cheaper in the long run.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Jul '19

Chick-fil-a Ed Chick-fil-a Ed
Jul '19

Check out the storage places near newton

Extra Space Storage is the only facility that I would recommend. Not cheap; but climate controlled and most of all "so safe". Very friendly and easy to deal with.

Angela Angela
Jul '19

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