Officer Assistance

They say "Never a Cop when you need one" but Saturday we needed one to direct traffic on Water St. so |AAA could tow our truck and out of nowhere a Cop showed up. I wish I had the name of the Officer that stopped to help us. Just listing this to say we really appreciated the help because the tow truck driver was awful and the Cop had to direct him to actually load the truck. Many thanks if you get to read this~!

Send a Thank you card to the police station .

steven steven
Jul '19

That's a nice idea Steven. Maybe something from Harpers.

Angela Angela
Jul '19

Police are always being bad mouthed and put down, nice to see this post....I personally have had interaction with the police twice and have found them to be polite helpful and understanding...I did send a thank you note to one of the officers thanking him for helping me in a difficult situation.

citychick citychick
Jul '19

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