Walmart meats

Just wanted to know if anyone has recently bought meat from Mansfield Walmart and got sick. New I should of went to Shop Rite. Bought a package of hamburger s and got sick. The date was good, but now I'm wondering if they repackage with a new date? I am just assuming. I will never by meet from them again. Lesson learned!

Outdoor Woman Outdoor Woman
1 week ago

I had that happen to me from Weiss.. About 3 years ago . I haven’t been back even to buy a gallon of milk...

Mr. tone Mr. tone
1 week ago

I normally don't food shop at Walmart, but I bought hamburger meat about a week ago for a last minute dinner. Smelled and tasted fine. Nobody got sick.

Correlation does not necessarily equal causation. You could have got sick any number of ways but the mind automatically searches for anything you did differently and immediately blames that.

If you had been eating Walmart meat once a week for 2 years and got sick your mind would have blamed the gas fumes from the new gas station you just filled up at.

1 week ago

How can they repackage meat and change date? The meat turns brown at a certain time. If people want to buy brown burger meat good luck

Shoprite would regrind the meat...don't know about Walmart

Bug3, that is nasty. Do you have a reliable source that told you?

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
1 week ago

Never had that happen with meat from Walmart. I've been very happy with their selection and quality. I did have meat I purchased from a local butcher and when I got home, almost vomited from the smell. Worst smell I ever came across. Weis- I only had a problem once with the meat being a little on the iffy side. ShopRite, also just once. I think it's all a matter of who's repackaging to tell the truth.

Sorry that you got sick. I hope you're feeling much better.

1 week ago

I buy me meat at Shop-Rite... Usually pretty happy with it.. I bought a flank steak at SR last week, and it smelled so bad.. And the date was good... Took it back to SR and they gave me DOUBLE MY Money back!! Just bring the meat, the package and receipt back to them... I’m not a big fan of Walmart....

Havaclue Havaclue
1 week ago

I buy meat from Walmart all the time and we've never had any issues.

Smilingbecs Smilingbecs
1 week ago

It can 72 hours to get sick from a certain food but we always blame the last thing you ate. It could have been anything you ate anytime in the previous 3 days. I have never had a problem with meat from there or anywhere else but I also prefer everything cooked well done or medium well.

I worked there a long time...they regrind it to keep it really doesnt stick around too long to go bad

Never had a problem with meats from Walmart and I buy some sort of meat there at least once per week.

They have had to recall beef several times in China due to foot and mouth disease, and Mad cow disease. They recommend calling your doctor right away if you can't think straight, and go blind.

Bug3: that’s a pretty damning statement which should cause any prudent person to stop buying anything ground at Shoprite.

Really makes their “ground fresh daily” not mean what I think it means.

Don’t buy chubs, regrinds, and mixed coarse grinds. Get store ground, store cuts when possible. You can ask.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
1 week ago

Not to change topics completely, but on the topic of food stores; today was at Shop-Rite in Mansfield. I got a carriage with my quarter walk into the store and put my carriage to the side to go get some produce. I come back less then 2 minutes later put my food down in the empty carriage and a middle age couple who had a basket on the floor goes this is our carriage not yours. I’m like I legit left my carriage here for two minutes are you sure your not confused with having a basket near your feet. So they get really nasty and defensive and I said I’m going to courtesy. As I’m leaving they run away with the carriage to the other side of the area. The lady at courtesy told me that was like the second or third time that morning that has happened and gave me a quarter to get a new carriage. To be honest I can’t believe that even happened and second it’s not even worth fighting with people over something stupid but those people knew what they did and I hope karma comes back to them. Someone of you may say oh how for sure you knew it was them? You could just tell by how they looked and reacted....

Shop Rite Mansfield. Too crowded.. Go to Washington... Parking lot is better!

Lol....I went to Mansfield SR today... Parking lot very busy..Saw someone pulling out of parking space, put my blinker on....And some lady just pulled right in my spot..... Whata ya gonna do........ Crazy people!!!

Havaclue Havaclue
1 week ago

Just so ya know the Netcong S Rite is terrific and the staff and meat are terrific.

Small store but mighty service with a smile :)

I only step foot in Netcong SR if I am desperate.. Guess it is all a matter of opinion.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
1 week ago

Netcong SR needs to be bulldozed and rebuilt more efficiently, IMO.

As for Walmart meats, I've purchased everything from ground beef to steaks, chicken breasts, pork chops and have yet to have any issues. Be sure to follow proper food handling and cooking practices as a lot of times that is your culprit for getting sick.

Joe Friday Joe Friday
1 week ago

Bought all the time. Never an issue.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
1 week ago

The only meat I've ever bought from Walmart are their cryovac-sealed full packer briskets... primarily because I can't find them at any other supermarket. No complaints.

ianimal ianimal
1 week ago

I'd never buy meat at Walmart, not any meat, but especially not that tube of ground whatever it is! oh GOD I can't believe people buy meat in a plastic tube.

All ShopRites are horrible. The Mansfield one is really bad even after the lame remodel. I really miss the old A&P we had prior to the Weiss.

Pretty sure we'll never get a Wegmans

"Pretty sure we'll never get a Wegmans"

You don't qualify as you don't pay enough in property tax.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
1 week ago

You mean the A&P that lasted less than a year in mansfield? Or the ugly one in Washington Township on 46?

I never buy meat from Wally World any more. Biggest issue there is, and I have personally seen this, people come in, go to the grocery section to shop, then go about shopping for what ever else. By then the Ice cream is melted, the meats are warm. People then just put them back and get a different one. Not good for quality. If they insist on having groceries with other items like tv's and such, then the last section should be the grocery section before checking out or the grocery section should be totally separate, not part of the whole store.
To add I have seen in ShopRite and Weis where people pick up a cold item and then are too lazy to return it to where they pick it up.
I have had bad experiences in SR and Weis, but will still buy there over Wal Mart. When you are told by a Buyer for Wally world "I don't care what it takes to meet a price point", I will not buy anything that I will eat except for pre-packaged items such as M&M's, Cereal and such.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
1 week ago

I don't recall an A&P in Mansfield. How long ago was this?

Hackresident Hackresident
1 week ago

A&P was where Kohl’s is now..I think it was there maybe 15-20 years ago,also had an A&P on route 46 where Patriot plaza is...

Just purchased a Frozen Bag of Shrimp from Shop rite in Netcong. As I opened the bag, I discovered the shrimp was frozen since 2017 (wild caught shrimp). Not sure what the store policy is on frozen shrimp - but 3 year old shrimp?

I have also returned rancid milk from Shop rite (htown) and and bad chicken from Weiss. On rare occasions, when we buy Meat products from Walmart - have not had any problems with their quality meat products).

Still prefer to Shop at Netcong Shoprite.

Htown Newbie Htown Newbie
1 week ago

I got pepperoni from SR mansfield this weekend and there was a plastic film around each of the slices. Nearly chocked on it. I’m thinking the degenerate that sliced it did not pull back the wrapping enough or something. Either that or the pepperoni was contaminated. Never again..

Dam- there never was an A&P in Mansfield where Kohls is. I lived there 28 years. A&P was in Mt Olive (top of mountain) and in Washington on Rt 31.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
1 week ago

Huh? Yeah, there was a A&P at the Kohls location, about 18 years ago, didn't stay open long, but it did exist.

Roywhite Roywhite
1 week ago

Most certainly was one there.....shopped there many a times along with the other location I posted,maybe your legally blind ? Roywhite rememberers it anybody else remember it ?

I moved here basically at the beginning of 2001. A&P at that time was down at what is now Patriot's Plaza. They first built the new A&P where Kohl's is now. Then they moved the original A&P up the hill to Naughright.

There most certainly was an A&P where Kohl's is now

I loved going to the A&P in Mansfield because it was always empty , which is why it didn't last long . I also miss the Acme by the Rockaway Mall a few stores down from Best Buy . They had the best hard kaiser rolls - dark brown and shiny on top with poppy seeds . I can't find those anywhere anymore .

Was also a Shop-Rite on Main Street where the Quick-Chek is remember that bothered....if you need info about old school stuff just ask,don’t embarrass yourself with things you have no idea/info about !

Re: Walmart meats

Yes there was an A&P supermarket in Mansfield here is a picture.The store lasted about 18 months.A very nice store that did not have enough business to stay open.The A&P supermarket company opened 38 new stores as part of "The Great Leap Forward" program.The Haub Family from Germany had a large ownership stake in the company.A&P went out of business several years later.

Re: Walmart meats

The A&P company also tried out a discount Food Basics store in the old location at the bottom of Hackettstown mountain on Rt 46.That store totally flopped because of poor management.

Shop rite was next to Tickners.

Actually licon lighting was next to Tickners

I remember the Food Basics shopped there a lot too murof....wonder if bothered will say that place didn’t exist either ?

Murof, do you remember the Grand Union at the old Hackettstown Mall ?

I remember that dss...shopped there many a times too.If I remember correctly a Basics food store came in after that kinda like a warehouse type store...right where Marshall’s was .

What was the original supermarket in mansfield before shoprite?..shoprite took over that spot

Bug3, I think Shoprite was in that spot since the building was built in the 70s. There was a liquor store called T B`s next to Shoprite back then.

There was something...the name escapes me...circa 1975 - that era

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was all farm land where SR is .. And it was all farmland where the houses are behind SR.. All that land was owned by Bud Allen ..

Havaclue Havaclue
1 week ago

I remember Two Bs liquor store/bar...the bar was right in the middle of the store,more like a table than a bar,good place for lottery tickets.I always remember it being a Shop-Rite in Mansfield,but I could be wrong that’s going back a long time...maybe bothered would know !

When they built the mall..another grocery store was there..maybe murof knows...he/she has a deep knowledge of the area

Anyone remember Anderson's liquor store on route 57 ? It was located where the Bottle King is now .

The original supermarket in the Mansfield shopping center was a Falk's grocery store. The entire Falk's chain went out of business not long after the store opened.LaneCo markets bought up most of the Falk's stores that were closing.ShopRite took over the old Falk's and opened up in 1977. Grand Union in the Hackettstown Mall opened up in the early 1970s.The Basics that opened in the Hackettstown Mall was owned and operated by the Grand Union supermarket company.That company wanted to open up a chain of that format to replace Grand Union stores that could not compete with other supermarkets.The Basics format store did not last long and closed very soon.Two B's liquor store was owned by Paul Hemphill who also owned the Mansfield Inn at the time.

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