I am trying to find a good neurologist in the area. I contacted one in Sparta, but can't be seen until the end of August. Any recommendations for a good one would. E appreciated.


I went a couple of times about 5 years ago. He was very nice.

whocares whocares
3 weeks ago

Dr. Manish Viradia in Flemington- a family member had an issue that needed to be evaluated in addition to having extreme anxiety about the possibility of the medical issue. He was not only medically thorough, but he had a very calming bedside manner.

sportsfan sportsfan
3 weeks ago

google their reviews online - significant difference between the two practices named above

actually thats a very good time...some nears are 6 pos wait

I also highly recommend Dr. Viradia. I had a condition that needed immediate intervention and Dr. Viradia swiftly explored all avenues and ordered numerous tests to evaluate and gather information so he was confident enough to make a proper diagnosis. Will likely see him the rest of my life, and he makes you feel very comfortable and is always willing to listen.

If you are looking for a Pediatric one, I highly recommend Dr. Rolando Sousa.

3 weeks ago

Dr. Tonzola in Rockaway, NJ

Briefly..... My wife was suffering with pain on the left side of her head, and ear after she bumbt it after a slip on the ice. Dr's in Morristown had no clue. MRI scans showed nothing....
One visit to Tonzola, and he diagnosed she had the shingles. Low doses of Lyrica for one month, and the pain subsided.

Embryodad Embryodad
3 weeks ago

Dr Eric Gellar in Livingston

Dr. Yaron Moshel of Atlantic Neurological Associates in Morristown. Great neurosurgeon and truly helped save my life. Can not recommend him enough.

3 weeks ago

Any feedback on Dr. Halperin in Summit for neurology?

I just looked at the online reviews of Dr. Halperin - and suggest you do the same............

4catmom 4catmom
1 week ago

Dr. Yaron Moshel in Morristown is the best. He saved my wife's life. Can't say enough about him.

James Nichols
1 week ago

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