Error Loading Address Book

Help..Went on a short vacation only to find out my computer address book (contacts) won't load up. Not real sure what to do. I forget how to restore to an earlier date. Maybe that would help. So if anyone can point me in the right direction to restore...I would appreciate it. I have a HP Windows 7, with AOL.
I know I have to get a new computer soon, but I was hoping for a few more months.
I also hope it will resolve itself overnight.
Yes, I hope A Lot.

USAfirst USAfirst
Jun '19

Not sure how to fix it, but I know I am having problems with my AOL address book loading. I think it is a problem on their end.

Mel81 Mel81
Jun '19

Hey. I can relate, I also have a problem with loading the address book, and even if it loads, the problem is with sorting! all the addresses and zip codes are messed up! tell me what to do! and in general I don’t have time to wait much now and I think to start composing everything myself. I think to use to find USPS zip codes by address

riiupw afrass riiupw afrass
Dec '19

You can get zip codes on the USPS web site too.

Dec '19

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