Cost to refinish (stone facade) a fireplace?

Hi everyone.

My wife and I are about to start a project fixing up our house outside.

We are tearing off our rotting front and back decks, rebuilding and as part of it we want to dress up the concrete foundation in stone facing.

We also want to have the existing chimney (zero clearance like a townhouse would have) external cladding removed and stoned to match.

The existing fireplace oddly stops above the ground and a small basement window is below it- so that will need to be boxed in to make it look like a real fireplace that goes to the ground and tie it all together with the rest of the foundation.

We have plans drawn up by an architect and have a quote from a GC broken down into parts- front deck/walkway, rear deck, driveway wall/stairs, and fireplace.

The quote portion to rip off the existing skin on the fireplace, box in the bottom and stone face to match the rest of the foundation is tens of thousands! A large portion of the entire project all together...

I have no idea if that is the going rate or if we should find someone able to do the job elsewhere?

I've googled for local contractors based on stone and fireplace type jobs- emailed several letting them know what we would like done, telling them the plans are drawn response. Re-sent the emails, still no reply.

SO- I guess we have 2 questions~

Is a reclad of a prefab fireplace costing a new car normal or excessive?

Does anyone know anybody that wants to bid the job (and does quality work)..that can take a look at the plans and give us a quote?

Before my husband and I have any work done we research doing it ourselves on YouTube if the job is out of our comfort zone we hire someone but we have been educated on what the job requires and can make a pretty accurate guess on where the price will fall - unless there is some major structural issues I would agree with you that the price is way to high. Good luck josh FYI stone faced foundations look wonderful

Treetops Treetops
May '19

That’s seems extremely expensive to me. I was thinking more like $5,000 but that’s obviously a wild guess.

May '19

We had our 2 story chimney refaced a few years ago and it was several thousand (maybe 3-4K)- not counting the stone itself. The guy we used did a wonderful job. He didn’t just put the stone on as it was but would make some pieces smaller, etc so the grout lines were perfectly even.
Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the company as we got him through a former neighbor.
We were going to attempt to do it ourselves- never would have come out as good.

Blackcat Blackcat
May '19

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Re: Cost to refinish (stone facade) a fireplace?
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