Lowes Hardwood Floor Installation

Has anyone used Lowes to install hardwood
flooring? If so, how was your experience and
would you recommend using them?
Thank you for your feedback.

Ginny Ginny
May '19

Used to work there. They dont have their own installer usually they use a local contractor with a contract thru them or at least they did 5 years ago. Just get a quote and ask them for the info of the installer so you can get reviews locally. They "should" be able to provide you with this info since they will be in your house

DH is correct. This is how they all work. Home Depot, Lowe's....all have installers that sub for them. But the work is backed by the seller (Home Depot) so if there is an issue, you will deal with them.

Geeey Geeey
May '19

Not to disparage either big box chain but I take a dim view of many of their sub contractors finished product and or installation. I have personally had to clean up issues many times with folks using that kind of service from a big box store. Remember typically the install fee you pay at a box store seems very low and a real bargain and it may be. In turn they don't pay the sub a high amount per job -they offer the promise of volume of business to the sub. Therefore the quality of the workmanship suffers at times. Now many folks are satisfied with the work and or product installation and get an acceptable result. I'm simply stating that in my experience more often then not the end result includes a hassle and an unpleasant home improvement project.

I recommend getting a flooring contractor or qualified home improvement contractor to install.

Go to Hackettstown flooring for product and installation.

I agree with Jono. They have their own installers and they will price match. I have used them a few times with great results!

I have used Hackettstown Flooring for wall to wall carpets.No issues at all. Nice people too.

frank 1945 frank 1945
May '19

I also recommend Hackettstown flooring

Nosila Nosila
May '19

Thank you for the feedback. We would rather use a "mom and pop" store over the box stores, The price difference was making us consider using a box store. I think we will feel more confident with the workmandhip spending the extra money.

Ginny Ginny
May '19

Hi Ginny..... I too use Hackettstown Flooring. I have some rentals and have used them for almost 20 years. They are terrific! NEVER a problem. Frank, Gloria, and Beth are the best. Professional and very helpful with their suggestions and feedback. Never a hard sell.

Hackettstown flooring has always beat the big box stores. For example Lowe’s was going to make us order a lot more scrap vs Hackettstown flooring so when we took that into consideration Hackettstown Flooring actually came out cheaper.

So don’t just go based on Sq footage but ask the big box for what all their little fees are

Nosila Nosila
May '19

Hackettstown flooring uses sub contractors to install hardwood flooring we had flooring installed a few years ago by them I would look around for someone else to install your flooring

Walking Hackettstown Walking Hackettstown
May '19

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