Hackettstown HS wins Freddy Award for Tuck Everlasting!

A big congratulations for the Hackettstown HS for winning the Freddy award for "Outstanding Overall Production by a Smaller School"for their performance of Tuck Everlasting. I personally saw the hard work and dedication that went into this and thought the show was amazing and well deserving of this award. With there home theater being out of commission they stepped it up and went the extra mile(s) (quite literally) to make this work. What a great, talented group of kids with a great leader to put on this production. We should all be proud of our school.

In case you missed it

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Happy for these talented young adults.

Retired Retired
May 24th

Congratulations !! The Drama Team is Outstanding !! When will the Mess at our Auditorium be completed ??

I think the CVS was built in less time then it is taking to fix the roof , screw up the roof , flood the auditorium,drag out the asbestos removal BS collect insurance lie to the parents and still have no stage at HHS

Plummer Plummer
May 24th

But we have a turf field in record time!!!

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Re: Hackettstown HS wins Freddy Award for Tuck Everlasting!
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