Collection of Old and Unusual Coins

I have a couple of dishes full of various coins (don't know why I saved them all these years) and also some of the collectible coins that you were able to buy years ago that were limited edition. Is there anyone local to the Hackettstown area that might be into coin collecting or can help me with deciding if any of these have value?

joyful joyful
May '19

google it. usually works unless.....

Just found a $1 silver certificate yesterday with a value of $2.09 to $700. When there's variations that might increase the value, that's when it gets rough. Now I have to figure out the difference to see what I have. Or better said, I have to spend another hour or so to find my $2.09...…

But my 3-cent 1939 stamps, why they are worth $7.

Good luck.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
May '19

Coins are fairly easy - a quick search on eBay gets you what others have sold for. Just remember to check only sold listings otherwise you get people who have been asking too much and trying to sell for years.

"Collectible coins" as in something that is not money is not going to be worth anything. "Limited Edition" is a pretty fuzzy term. They're mass produced - in "editions" of thousands and thousands. But eBay will show you that too as long as you stick to sold items.

Good luck.

Be careful.. I had a couple old coins from my parents house I found when we redid it. I took it to guy in Roxbury n he offered me $50 for them.. So I kept them had em looked at by a friend and it turns out they were worth $1600 combined...

Mr.tone Mr.tone
May '19

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