Hi everyone
I’m looking to connect with people out there that are suffering from loneliness. I know it’s a major affliction in this world I am one of those people who feel isolated. So if anyone would like support or to support some one please reach out . Thanks

Looking forward Looking forward
May '19

hi, Looking forward, we are here for you at HL if you need us.
Reaching out to you anytime- thanks for caring enough to share :)


Why don't you tell us about yourself?


icicle icicle
May '19

Hey Looking forward.............where abouts are you from? In Hackettstown? and yes if you'd let us know a bit about you.........I'm 55 year old, still a stay at home mom...Love making new friends!

littlelu littlelu
May '19

I sent the OP a PM to try to reassure him that we are good people. Hopefully he will chime in...

Positive Positive
May '19

This is great I’m getting some responses . Private and replies . Well a little background I raised 3 children myself and now there off doing there own things. Never really made time for myself and honestly I had social issues for a long time but have made some huge steps to better myself. In the process I’ve learned a lot about people who feel like I do like there’s a lot of them . You would never know the depths of some people’s feelings of being isolated if you met them . I’m very outgoing and friendly but have failed to make personal relations for lots of reasons . And I decided to not sit around and live the rest of my life this way . I’ve always been the go to person for people who need help I could tell you fantastic stories of people’s who life I help bring back from the brink.. I love that so I thought if I could help others with this problem it would be the best way to help myself. Please email me if you would like to talk. I always look for diversions from my head.

Looking forward Looking forward
May '19

Hi. I have no idea of your interests... but if you ever wanted to learn how to metal detect, I have a spare detector and equipment and can show you how.

In contrast to the topic of this thread- it is indeed a pretty solitary hobby, but is more fun with 2 people going out together- to show each other what you find and discuss stuff.

It also has a good online community at several sites where people talk about stuff and share finds, etc.

It is both relaxing and rewarding at the same time.

Hey josh
Thanks . I actually got one for Christmas because there’s a guy on YouTube I watch detecting. Just haven’t gotten it out yet would be interested in trying to work it

Looking forward Looking forward
May '19

That’s so nice of you Josh!

Positive Positive
May '19

I highly recommend starting or joining a meetup group. It is much easier to make and communicate plans. Plus, you'll get people who are looking to connect that may not read the forum.

maja2 maja2
May '19

@lookingforward This may not be of interest to you but I have met some very nice people at yoga classes. Both men and women and all ages. There are several places in town where you can take classes. Maybe I will run into you at one of them.

PS-also try the local libraries..cooking groups at Hackettstown(I think) and Washington Twp, You do not have to be a cardholder to participate in their activities.

whocares whocares
May '19


A Solution For Loneliness: Get Out and Volunteer, Research Suggests

"Loneliness is rampant, and it's killing us," writes Kasley Killam for Scientific American. "Anywhere from one quarter to one half of Americans feel lonely a lot of the time, which puts them at risk for developing a range of physical and mental illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and depression." Killam surfaces several studies that found volunteering to be an effective strategy to help combat this widespread health problem.

skippy skippy
May '19

Happy Birthday Lonely People!!

Im all for starting a meet up group, anyone else in?

Hello lonely people!

I just went to a spot I hunt that has very sparse targets but many old things have been found there. Last fall I found a Trime there (U.S. silver 3 cent piece).

Today in the very short time I was there I found a civil war era canister shot, which is basically a cannon’s version of a shotgun pellet. We have found numerous of these at that site.

I was only able to search for about an hour before lightning and then rain started- so now I am drinking (and eating) alone at the draught house. There is literally nobody here. Sigh.

I’m in for a meet up group . We should all meet josh sounds like he has the spot .

Looking forward Looking forward
May '19

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