Lost black and white bunny

In the East Prospect area. Last seen on May 13th. Please email me if you happen to see him. Thank you!!!!

Have there been any sightings?
East Prospect near Main St or by Countryside?

happiest girl
May 15th

There is a white and black bunny on west prospect st in the field on the end of the road on the left side. Sometimes it comes in our yard. The last house on the left side. Tried to catch it but very difficult. He was there today

Have you found the bunny? It sounds like a dutch bunny. I volunteer with a bunny rescue and have caught loose bunnies, I can help if needed.

Patty kovacic Patty kovacic
May 20th

Im still looking. Yes , he's a dutch! Hes friendly and as far as rabbits go- hes slow! The earlier post was a different bunny.

HN, I have sent you an email

Patty Kovacic Patty Kovacic
May 21st

HN, I sent an email to the address you gave me. I would like to help you.

Patty Kovacic Patty Kovacic
May 22nd

Any updates on finding the bunny? What area of East Prospect was the bunny?

Has the bunny been found yet?

Sunburst Sunburst
May 26th

Re: Lost black and white bunny

Here's a picture of the bunny that's on West Prospect sitting in my next door neighbors garden yesterday.

Sharon A Sutton Sharon A Sutton
June 21st

Someone on Facebook found a black and white rabbit in town "Hackettstown community forum "

Re: Lost black and white bunny

We just found one but he looks brown. Please email me if belongs to you. We aren't set up to cage him.

Sunshine Sunshine
3 weeks ago

Re: Lost black and white bunny

Here is another shot of the bunny posted by Sunshine.

Thanks everyone- No- not mine...

Why can't amyone find this bunny? Bunny's that are pets don't live out in the wild. Maybe the owner claimed the bunny. Please post if you know. Thanks.

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