What are they building on Warren St-by David's?

It's rare that I go down Warren St, but I see the construction site from Washington St and the signs about construction vehicles. Just what are they building there? Anything good? LOL

Indy Neighbor
1 week ago

I heard it was an extension of L. David's for the wedding venue.

Maybe there will be an actual garden for photos instead of that really sad looking fountain nestled in the driveway, surrounded by about 6 inches of grass.

TakeThat TakeThat
1 week ago


I thought I was the only one that still calls the place, “L. David’s”. Lol.

Jonathan Stone Jonathan Stone
1 week ago

if you go to Davids Country Inns website you can see pictures of what they are doing.

littlelu littlelu
1 week ago

I remember when L.. David's was HOUSE OF WHITTIG = furniture store.

That was also a mattress place along with other venues.

I think the mattress place was in the building to the left, where Westside Haircare is now.

whocares whocares
1 week ago

Your are right. Sorry

It is simply an extension of their parking. Nothing more at this point.

fire251 fire251
1 week ago

I believe it was the Warren House. Small bar and boarding house. Spent a little time at the bar back in the 70's.

thehazguy thehazguy
1 week ago

fire251, it is going to be far more than an extension:


Granted, at THIS point, today, it isn't anything, but check out their website and you'll see pictures of what they're planning by summer's end.

summerrain1 summerrain1
1 week ago

Wow, those renditions are beautiful. Hope it comes out that nice. thanks for the info.

Indy Neighbor
1 week ago

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