If you buy on ebay you will now pay NJ sales tax

EBay is now collecting sales tax on all items, the charge shows as a separate line item in my PayPal account for any item purchased beginning this month.

Read following in the eBay Community forum:
"As a result of a fairly recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States, individual states can now charge state sales tax on internet sales. eBay collects this from the buyer and remits the tax to the appropriate department of the appropriate state. The seller is not expected to keep track of anything.

So far, the states that have enabled this are Connecticut, Washington, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, DC and New Jersey, more to follow."

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
May '19

That's correct. Went into effect May 1st of this year.

Noticed this yesterday when I bought something.

not sack
May '19

So in theory, if an item is sold 10 times, the state collects sales tax each time it it sold. What a racket. Same thing happens with a used car, sales tax was paid on it when it was purchased new. The Boston Tea Party accomplished nothing, the nut never falls far from the tree. The whole irony of that.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
May '19

dodgeball - Yup, the car example is a good one. Also, how about the relative that earns money over a lifetime and pays taxes on those earnings and the interest on those earnings, then leaves the money to you as an inheritance and you have pay tax on the same money again.

Calico696 Calico696
May '19

NJ needs all the cash it can grab. In return you get nothing.

"NJ needs all the cash it can grab. In return you get nothing."

Sure I get something. Decaying bridges, roads with potholes, water with hydrogen sulfide that I get to breathe when I open the tap.

I agree Calico. So with all of that money coming in, how is it NJ has a deficit of 100 BILLION dollars to retirees? Couldn't that money have been used to pay down that debt?

Death by 1000 cuts. That's the tax system here.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
May '19

Inheritance income is tax-free for most people.

jd2 - Most is the operative word. Those who don't fall into the "most" category, will be paying tax on money that has already been taxed. If your Uncle Joe dies and leaves you $50k, say goodbye to 17% of it.

Calico696 Calico696
May '19

They are also collecting tax on the shipping cost charged on items. I can see the sales price of an item but how it is OK to charge a tax on shipping?

"I can see the sales price of an item but how it is OK to charge a tax on shipping?"

Probably the same reason that the seller pays eBay and PayPal fees on shipping... too many people gamed the system by selling items for a penny and then adding $29.99 for shipping (or whatever the actual value of the item was).

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
May '19

Good analogy "Death by 1000 cuts. That's the tax system here." as each cut seems "acceptable" so to speak but after 1000 its game over.

Yeah, Calico, I hate any tax scheme that seems like being taxed on the same dollar twice. Since NJ got rid of estate tax and direct heirs don’t pay inheritance tax, I forgot everyone one step removed and beyond does.

Not quite as bad as you say, first 25k exempt, then a sliding scale 11-16% depending on amount. So, your 50k example would be more like less than 8%. Guess they think of it as a first time gift vs. same dollar taxed twice.

Given sliding price from product to delivery prices, I can understand, but what a nightmare to compute. Gotta have a computer to figure a price.

Don’t matter; this is not like the BTParty, we have representation. You may not like it....

Better than one man deciding to add 25% tariff tax. That’s like a King and more like the BTP. Better get your Walmart goods before that puppy kicks in.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
May '19

How can people say you don't get anything in NJ for taxes ? You get the roads brined almost every other day in the winter and as a bonus you get a rusty car !

May '19

Sounds fair to me.
Sales Tax.
Paying NO TAXES - which it sounds like many want- doesn’t work.

Stymie Stymie
May '19

You can actually thank the Supreme Court for this:

thomasnj thomasnj
May '19

And good for the SCOTUS.

There was a time that online sales needed an advantage to get a toe hold in the market for perhaps a better sales process for consumers.

I think that time has passed and online sellers do not deserve an advantage over Main Street anymore.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
May '19

Yeah many states are doing it now NC included. It’s not a NJ centric issue

Skippy Skippy
May '19

Skip ebay. Find a way to buy direct. Or, like me, stop buying so much stuff!

maja2 maja2
May '19

Bitcoin...America’s finest money laundering app.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
May '19

oh too bad, it was a great place to get auto parts and tires.

hktownie hktownie
May '19

Facebook marketplace will be the next target

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
May '19

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