DVD/VCR Player ?

No need for sarcasm here, LOL, but wondering if anyone knows if thrift shops, Habitat for Humanity, etc carry electronics. Trying to find a VCR combo, don’t ask. I could order on Amazon but hoping to find one around here.

Those units have the old style outputs (ex rca)...if you have a new tv with hdmi inputs it might not have the old style rca inputs

Just a straight player or- play on vhs, record on dvd?

I suppose you could want to play a dvd and record on vhs if you really wanted nostalgia.

Bessie, Salvation Army store has them pretty often but they go fast. I have smart TV and it does have old inputs so I can use VCR/DVD player combo no issues. But some new TVs have less inputs.

Also people sell them on FB. Actually you can ISO it on FB and people will definitely respond. You might even get it for free.

Josh, just a player for dvd’s & vhs, not looking to record.

You can buy an adaptor to watch on smart TV

Check that store “gotta have it” or similar in name near the pet store in town, they had a lot of electronics last time I was there.

Roywhite Roywhite
2 weeks ago

Buy separate units, not a combo. You should be able to do that a lot cheaper when they don't record.

Hi Bessie, I have one you can have for free. You can pick it up anytime if you message me.

MK, you’ve got mail

Target also has these.

Hackresident Hackresident
2 weeks ago

I lucked out finding them at Goodwill. They work with our smart tv.

Yard sales. I also see them at 5 acres and other flea markets. You could probably get a decent one for $10 or less. We had about 4 vcr players in the basement. If we still have them, I’ll send you a note. You can have one, no charge. If you don’t hear from me, by tomorrow (Monday night), they’ve already been tossed.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
2 weeks ago

I buy old VHS tapes if anyone has some they'd like to sell or give away. Especially interested in old recordings of shows, sports, and movies off of television with the commercials.

thewallofvhs thewallofvhs
2 weeks ago

hi, Bessie, I have one if you need one.

let's converse below.

Would like to get $30 if no one emails you. Only because it is new.

Thank you all for your guidance in where to look for one locally. Due to the kindness and generosity of one of our own HL’s, I am no longer on the search. Again thanks everyone!

Try habitat for humanity in Washington or the second hand store behind it..

Robert J Rowe Robert J Rowe
1 week ago

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