A&P off Naughright road

Anyone know what is going there? It looks like they are fixing it up.

Oh pleeeaase tell me something is happening!!!!

Something for teens would be nice

Yes. The left half of the old a&p is going to be a Retro Fitness. Wish I had better news.

Scott Scott
May '19

How’s about a gogo bar???

Mr. tone Mr. tone
May '19

Yeah another gym in part of it the overall complex looks like hell needs some paint and love

Ugh Retro Fitness one of the dumpiest chains there is! They are scammers. I joined the one in Rockaway and they open promising you all these classes then they slowly start pulling them off the schedule. My friend builds for them and he said thats part of their "business plan". Wish it was something better going in.

Momof6 Momof6
May '19

Oh. Now I’m disappointed

I thought someone said in another thread it was a Planet Fitness going there. Unless they pulled out and Retro jumped in?

Weebiekins Weebiekins
May '19

Their both garbage!

Momof6 Momof6
May '19

What a shame as that was the anchor store there and dividing it up for a Gym? Why not put a Stop and Shop or Acme there? Any news on the old A&P on Route 31? Depressing driving by there as that mall is desolate without an anchor store there. Whether you liked the A&P on Route 31 it is in perfect condition for another food store to go into that mall which hopefully happens soon.

May '19

It's official now....


thomasnj thomasnj
May '19


I don't see that the demographics will support it....but let's see .

steven steven
May '19

Better than being empty. As far as “not putting an acme or S&S there”, that’s not how it works. There isn’t some entity that decides what store or business should occupy a space. If acme or S&S or any other store doesn’t think the demographics will support their business model or have no interest coming in for some other reason, they’re not coming.

The R The R
May '19

Maybe if it was a semi decent gym but Retro is just as bad as Planet Fitness. Total waste.

Momof6 Momof6
May '19


What would you consider a semi-decent gym? what qualifies as semi-decent as opposed to a bad gym or garbage?

What does a semi decent gym offer that Retro or Planet doesn't? I ask because from what I can tell, they all offer pretty much the same thing. As someone who is currently searching for a gym to join, maybe you can help me from making a bad decision.

thanks for the input

Bgood105 Bgood105
May '19

With the obesity problem America has, along with the sedentary lifestyle, gym memberships should be government subsidized.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
May '19

They offer zero qualified assistance, garbage equipment, they charge so little to get you to join but then they cant afford to fix equipment when it breaks, they are dirty, they lure you in promising you all the classes included in price but then slowly start pulling them off the schedule once your locked in. Your just a number to a place like that. My friend builds for them and even he says he cant believe people still go to them. But if your just looking to go to a gym and really dont care youll probably be ok. If you are just concerned with price it could work but if you want results and a better environment go elsewhere, plenty of better gyms locally.

Momof6 Momof6
May '19

very happy with Powerhouse Gym in the Panther Mall - one price - classes included - new machines in good shape -

4catmom 4catmom
May '19

Another gym? I think we need a good, inexpensive Supermarket like Aldi or Trader Joe's.

There's probably a half dozen gyms already in Hackettstown/Mansfield/Allamuchy. There are no supermarkets in Budd Lake any longer! (just Hack. and Netcong).

Hackresident Hackresident
May '19

Does anyone know when Retro Fitness is going to open?

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