Anyone else have more erosion than usual after this Winter? I am impressed with how much topsoil has departed. Knew it was wet, but a ten-year erosion high wet?

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
Apr '19

Its called heavy relentless rain

Apr '19

I got more erosion than on the Sandy year so is it just more relentless this year?

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Apr '19

Multiple rain storms. ..Sandy was a quick hit...

Apr '19

Erosion is worst when you get storms of strong intensity early in the spring before vegetation has had a chance to establish.

ianimal ianimal
Apr '19

It was the worst this year for sure!

I have owned my house for 25 years...never this bad

Summer Summer
Apr '19

Last year was one for the records. We too had major soil erosion and flooding of our property. In the 33 years that we have been here, last year was the worst.

Alfonso Basile Alfonso Basile
Apr '19

Like Ianimal said, it is about the vegetation taking hold and the fact we get very changeable weather now in the Winter, i.e. a lot of rain. The perfect mix is snow from December to March, and it is the best for the resovoirs in NW NJ so they slowly melt off in the Spring. Just research how variable the snowpack in late Winter is these days, our weather is changing quite a bit.

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