Petition to recall the Governor of NJ


Good luck getting 1.4 million signatures. If 1.4 million people voted for someone other than Murphy, he wouldn't be in there, as he only got 1.2 million votes.

Calico696 Calico696
April 23rd

1.4 million signatures needed... just to get a recall on the ballot.

Only 1.2 million people voted for him in the first place, less than 1 million for his republican rival.

It's possible, I guess. Hey, "NO WAY will Trump ever be President" ROFL. But I won't be holding my breath.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
April 23rd

You have better luck winning the lottery. I mean, look at everyone who "refused Trump as my president"....Last I checked Trump was still in office, and I'm pretty sure everyone who said "Trump isn't my president" filed taxes this year...

April 23rd

This guy is an extremist. He has to go. Extremists on either side cause more harm than good.

Positive Positive
April 23rd

Maybe if more people payed attention to Murphy's platforms/stances before the election we would not need a recall. None of his positions are a surprise- NJ got what they voted for unfortunately!

sportsfan sportsfan
April 23rd

Let’s get this clown out of here!

Signed let’s send all the illegals to his mansion property.

What has Murphy does that is so bad?

The New Republican The New Republican
April 23rd

I'm so happy NJ got what we voted for. He's had some struggles and has room to improve, but Phil Murphy is going a good job, overall. If only some of the party would fall in line.

He is not an extremist by any definition other than by Fox news'.

Tax the millionaires? Very popular opinion. More popular than the border wall with any population...except backwoods hill people. Taxes are too low on the 1% - who cost the system more than most people combined.
Push for better gun reform and restrictions? Depends on the exact position - but very popular and long overdue. Plus, we had laws in the past that have lapsed and worked, and judging by the people in this forum, the background check process is severely lacking because most of you wouldn't pass a background check if you're posts had your real names on them.
Talk about rising the price of firearms ID cards for the first time in 50 years so they're on par with a fishing licences? Amen!
Sign the U.S. Climate Alliance (basically US states rejoining the Paris climate agreement)
Have a townhall in a mosque? I bet some of you really hated this one.
Appoint a Sikh-American as AG? Same here - you all really seem to hate "turban man".
Reporting on out of state guns used in crimes in NJ? Genius, and so well done.
Have the most diverse cabinet ever? Not complaints here.
Tick off Steve Sweeney? Ya got me there, he's deserves a little harassment.
Re-implement the Obama care penalty? Not a fan personally but costs did drop because of it. I have mixed feelings on this as a stop-gap until we have medicare for all.
Right to die for terminally ill patients? Great!
Try to get some Hollywood business (filming) to NJ? Can't hurt, but please, no more Jersey Shore and let's not give them tax breaks before we see the ROI.

Sign a $15 an hour minimum wage - you know, the same buying power as your minimum wage had back in the dark ages, when fire was still a new invention and most of you tried to veto progressive ideas like "the wheel" and "communities".

But seriously, $15 an hour by 2024 is long overdue and on par with inflation for the same wages you curmudgeon old fools were paid when you were fresh out of high school and college and bagging groceries for a buck and change an hour. Also, if former governors had not shirked responsibility for increasing minimum wage for years, we wouldn't be in a boat of needing such a big jump. To give credit where credit is due, Christie did increase minimum wage - but by putting it on the ballot to let the state decide when he couldn't be bothered to do it himself.
Shame you don't want the same or better life for your kids and grand kids.

I'm so glad we're leading the nation on so many areas, including minimum wage and common sense gun reform, and climate change among many others.

The worst things I can say about him is he leaves the state too often, but still less than Christie, he's pro marijuana legalization, which is just stupid, and he's not as progressive as he could be on some policy.

You all bitch and complain about everything. The taxes, the cops, taxes, the schools, the governor, taxes fresh air, traffic, the taxes, clean water, the tolls, the roads, the jobs, the cost of rent and mortgage, and the taxes.
Seriously, why don't you leave? You could go be with your own kind, go pay less taxes, live with a local government that you may actually like, maybe even find an excuse to carry your guns out in public like an nazi or white nationalist rally. Maybe you'll even get a visit from my favorite future prisoner! I hear parts of the south are like traveling back in time - sounds right up most of ya'll alley!

alpha1beta alpha1beta
April 23rd

well said, alpha1beta!

Alpha, Marijuana isn't legal yet, so what you are smokin must be some strong stuff!!!!

April 23rd

“maybe even find an excuse to carry your guns out in public like an nazi or white nationalist rally.”

...or an American citizen with rights.

“parts of the south are like traveling back in time - sounds right up most of ya'll alley!”

Yep, back in time before the government taxed the hell out of you... We’re so backwards down here in SC that my salary is higher than it was in NJ (due to a high tech medical device company closing in Hackettstown but staying open down here). We also have Boeing, Michelin, Bosch, GE, and the largest BMW factory in the world, just to name a few of the big players.

SC exports $32B worth of goods annually. NJ exports $34B. We’re not all banjos and moonshine down here (although we have a few good distilleries too).

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
April 23rd

Alpha1beta makes some very good points, but got a bit carried away with the "enthusiasm". But it did bring a thought to mind. I was sitting at a gas station, getting the tank filled with $2.75 gallon gas, and saw a sign for cigarettes at $8.54 a pack. I recalled when I had my first job at the little Shoprite (Stiger Street), cigarettes were 40 cents a pack! I was making $1.05 an hour, so a pack was 38% of my hourly rate. If I apply the same percentages today, I'd need to make $22.00/hr. for that pack of cigarettes to be approx. 38%. I don't remember how much gas was then, but I think it might have been less than 50 cents a gallon. My boyfriend would fill the tank for $3 or $4. every payday. By the way, that was 1966.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
April 23rd

Curious. Who do you plan to replace Murphy with?

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
April 23rd

Marc; the federal government tax rate has been exceptionally low since Bush JR put it there. Obama tweaked it lower via stimulus, left the rest and Trump lowered it to it’s current lunacy.

How can any self-respecting conservative applaud a cut and spend fiscal policy? It’s just whack a doodle and the results I noted above, including debt and deficit, clearly prove the point.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
April 23rd

Dadof3: Re-read my post. "he's pro marijuana legalization". And I don't smoke. I'll save my snarky comeback and assume you just misread it.

MarkMc: I'm so glad you enjoy it down there. I really, honestly am. Puts more distance between me and your guns. Would you be so kind as to recommend a nice place for some of the local who haven't seen the light. I hear Myrtle beach is overrated but Hilton Head is nice.

We have around 9M People vs about 5M. Okay, sure you export almost as much/more per capita, but look at the GDP. We have not quite twice the people and triple the GDP, in 1/4 of the area. We're also third in per capita income - at around 60% more than SC's.

Nothing wrong with Banjos.

BTW, the single biggest reason taxes are so high in NJ is a two pronged problem: Because being high earners, we subsidize low earning and low taxing states, both because they have less taxes and reply more heavily on the federal government, and because at the same tax rates, their citizens pay less taxes. If states like FL and SC added small income taxes and property taxes - even at a fraction of a percent - NJ's tax demand would be lower.

So everyone, please thank Mark for personally raising your taxes.

Hell, I joke I pay so much taxes I should get a vote down there!

alpha1beta alpha1beta
April 23rd

Lonesome Dove, I don't believe we've met before. I try to have some fun here - it's one of the few things not yet taxed!

That's a really interesting data point with the cigarettes. But hopefully your wages have risen more than the cost of cigarettes have. They're also a highly taxed product, so maybe not the best data point for inflation - but nonetheless VERY interesting.

In 1970, the minimum wage went up to $1.45 (there were a lot of increases, in that timeframe, basically yearly, from below $1 a couple years before). Inflation went up around 550% since then.

The cost of all goods have not increased equally. TVs are cheaper now, so are computers, but rent and healthcare increase beyond inflation most years. There's also a change in costs - no one had a cell phone back then - today you can barely live without one. Same with a computer. So while the inflation rate in itself doesn't quite justify a $15 an hour minimum wage in 2019 - we're also not leaping to $15 today - it'll be in 2024, and the cost of a normal life has increased in many ways beyond the direct cost of inflation.

The math varies based on your data points, but the general math says minimum wage should be $12 to $14 right now to keep pace with minimum wage in that timeframe - when the baby boomers were working minimum wage jobs. Add 5 years to get to 2024 when $15 an hour kicks in at around 3% inflation per year and we're right on the money.

BTW, NJ (Under Christie, via ballot measure) made it so minimum wage is constitutionally guaranteed to go up along with cost of living, so by 2025, it will likely be $15.15 or so. This is GREAT because it prevents any politician from needing to be the bad guy and adjusting inflation massively from the lack of adjustment for many years.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
April 23rd

Murphy is a socialist clown! More worried about illegal immigrants and helping the less fortunate than doing his job. His policies are creating more less fortunate inNew Jersey cause he is taxing us all into the poor house!!! A sanctuary state!!!!! How’s bout instead of worrying about illegals here illegally.He should worry about the middle class and the people paying the bills of this state.A1beta. You is not bright!! Who do u think is gonna pay for increased minimum wages? The consumers.. Talk to some local farmers and small business n see what they think!!!Also common sense gun control?? Mabey Murphy can tell the criminals to start filling the law!!! Stop putting restrictions on lab abiding people who follow the laws!!!People have to bitch!!!! We are fed up!!! We vote n we end up with a socialist jerkoff in charge!!!!!

Mr. tone Mr. tone
April 23rd

Pardon me alpha1beta but you seem to live in fairytale land if you believe Murphy has been good for New Jersey. And New Republican, what has he done that is so bad you ask? Let’s start with supporting illegal aliens. Free college and free legal assistance for illegal aliens. Supporting driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. Wanting illegal aliens to be registered to vote. Making New Jersey a so-called sanctuary state. Support for illegal aliens is a misuse of taxpayer funds. Designating New Jersey as a sanctuary state is downright despicable. Murphy’s policy of free pre-K, which amounts to taxpayers funding babysitting. You want to send your child to pre-K then you can pay for it. Murphy’s support for allowing convicted felons to vote, even while they are still incarcerated. Given Murphy’s liberal policies, New Jersey’s budget is on track to exceed revenues. Instead of seeking ways to reduce property taxes, taxes are likely to go up, again. This guy is out of his mind. That’s why he needs to be recalled.

No one is meant to live on minimum wage. Its going to shut down more small businesses glad the person above is so Rosey but you know what I don’t like the fact that he protects the illegals more than his own citizens and does more for them then me.Why is he diverting college funding to illegals? I’m white 30 own two homes and have made it on my own I didn’t get a dime from this state for college tuition. And all his attorney general does is sue the trump admin when really he should be focused on cleaning up the hoods of Newark Paterson Trenton etc. everyone voted for this clown cause they heard legal pot and where’s that? As far as gun ownership I own guns properly I think it’s redicouls he reduced the clip count from 15 to 10 cause no criminal will care as far as raising the costs ok I agree with that. Also what about that new rain tax ? Asia has more pollution and causes more client change than the us by a long shot. Waste of a cause. I love a good conversation alphbeta

BC and Drew, please stop making so much sense. ;-)

Calico696 Calico696
April 23rd

The only good thing this guy has done is the right to die law. And also his support of unions along with Steve Sweeney’s are gross. Unions should be abolished as they were created for unsafe working conditions and unfair wages neither of which excist today.

And so sorry last point till alpha fires back leading the nation do you not read ? Honeywell pretty much packed up and left this is easily one of th worst business clients around. The basf building has been empty for 20 years now in mt olive. Why would any business want to pay more when they can get big breaks in the south?

Has something changed in NJ after Murphy? I haven’t noticed.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
April 23rd

Re: Petition to recall the Governor of NJ

Couldn’t resist...

Positive Positive
April 23rd

Nice leap to meme lunacy. Murphy is a socialist? I thought he was Irish.....

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
April 23rd

Re: Petition to recall the Governor of NJ

One more.....

Positive Positive
April 23rd

SD asked has anything changed in New Jersey since Murphy became governor? Well, the state is still going down the tubes. However, Murphy’s liberal policies have provided additional horsepower hastening the process.

Good one SD. Lol! Humor is a good thing...

Positive Positive
April 23rd

@drew, please don't stop!!! These people need to understand what they really voted for! Tax the rich,tax the big corporations until they move out and what is left, us poor overtaxed underemployed people trying to exist! !!

April 23rd

It’s not right that a police officer can’t ask someone in the car if there hear illegally I’m sorry that is criminal. I agree with taxing the rich but only so much the only 3 millionaires left soon will be Murphy his buddy Bon Jovi and Bruce. And I don’t blame him for pension crisis or the roads that’s been a mess since I was in a crib or nj transit for that matter. But he could have made way better moves why not bring in experts from ups or fed ex that understand transportation and logistics. But it’s like they said in the movie jaws. His education and wealth prove one thing people like him Phil don’t know when to admit there wrong .

I knew that’s who Dadof3 is......he is what’s left in NJ :-)

Funny Socialist tropes pos; should we roll the Nationalist’s ones now? A few deplorable specials?

BC says we’re still goin down the drain Christy snaked but we’ve cranked it up. How do you do that; I mean we were going hard right, we cranked it up with Murphy and now we’re goin socialist? That’s like the immaculate u-turn....

What had changed?

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
April 23rd

Alpha if weed ever gets legalized let me know and we can light one up and debate

Well, it seems easy enough to tell who voted for who here.
Personally I think the financial burden for all of these "liberal" policies will become too much for the state, and the middle class will be punished some more. I am amused that the politicians don't even talk about lowering taxes anymore, just that they keep the increases as small as possible.
Yup. my house is already on the market, I am curious to see how much NJ charges me to leave the state.
Good Luck.

“No one is meant to live on minimum wage.”

Really? Where does it say that?

I find that very negative. Maybe turn it positive by saying: anyone trying to survive on minimum wage will positively die. And they deserve it. Shoulda got a better education, better job, work harder, a little luck, a lighter complexion, like those white guys in euro-socialist countries.

Oye. Urban legends, stereotypes, and anecdotes. Murphy bad cuz he bad cuz they all bad.....socialist, socialist? Socialist....

What has actually changed?

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
April 23rd

Did you not read anything I wrote sd ? A lot has changed. And minimum wage is really for people without skills or just joining the work force if someone goal is to just earn minimum wage they should pick up a trade or maybe think about reformatting there life

Sorry I live in the real world and not some fantasy world I get up everyday at 6 and work till 5 or 6 to earn what I have I believe in people making the most of themselves not trying to play the system

SD, Christie had his faults no doubt. However at least he tried to bring some fiscal disapline to state. No easy feat given the democratic majority state legislature. The 2% cap on property taxes and concessions from state worker unions helped limit tax increases. However, along comes Murphy who negotiates a new contract with the unions, giving them not only a hefty bump up, as payback for their votes but also retroactive increases for the concessions Christie had leveraged. Insurance for their votes in the future.

Really? Where does it say that Drew?

Where does it say you can put in a 40 hour week to be in poverty? Same place?

Does it also say that my, and your, tax dollars, via food stamps and welfare, should subsidize minimum wage companies because they don’t pay a living wage? McDs and Walmart even help their “employees” fill out the welfare forms because that’s how they “pay” a living wage. I would think that would really piss you off for them to backdoor a living wage off your tax dollars because you don’t support raising the minimum .

Minimum wage is no longer a living is it really even a wage at all?

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
April 23rd

SD, we can “roll the Nationalists ones” too. I’m not on either side of the spectrum. I independently take middle ground. If I like to poke fun on occasion, so be it.

Socialism, well in my opinion, Murphy’s views and ideals are very much in line with that of a Socialist.

“What has actually changed?”

Nothing much yet. It’s what Murphy wants to change.

Positive Positive
April 23rd

It doesn’t say it anywhere it’s just common sense which isn’t so common sd

Living and smoking the dream reading this from liberal California

For real For real
April 23rd

People chose to work at Walmart and McDonald’s not forced and if you looked last time I went to McDonald’s in our town which was over the weekend I counted 4 employees working 3 of which looked to be in highsholl or college. Soo not sure of the point you make it sounds like minimum wage is all you want to earn and if so good for you. If you aren’t happy with where you are get a second job learn another skill it’s free to go go a public library and teach yourself excel etc

When and how can we sign it?

Anyone in Hackettstown going door to door getting signatures? I don't think it will be too hard to get the signatures needed - even my staunch Democrat friends can't stand Murphy and the young people I know, who voted for him only because of the marijuana issue, are pissed off because he wanted to tax the hell out of their pot, kept it illegal to grow your own AND wanted to lessen the THC content (gotta love it, lol!), so they're ready to lynch him too. He's toast when the Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, pot smokers and Christians all agree he sucks. I think that's a first.

Click the first link to sign Keri !

I don’t understand why we find it so difficult to provide, as a society, a base living wage for those that make the effort.
McDonalds et al are difficult jobs.
Skip the drive through sometime and walk inside during mealtime.
These employees bust their butts nonstop to do their job.
It’s no walk in the park.
Are those opposed to paying a living wage also opposed to an established minimum wage?
I think many have short/selective memories and forget how difficult to get one’s feet under themselves in the beginning or difficult times.
If providing a living wage means that buying a cheeseburger at Micky Dee’s or a bag of jelly beans at Walmart costs a bit more- I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.
We’re already paying for substandard wages via Government assistance programs while the Walton family continues to line their pockets on our “dimes”.
Why not provide a living wage with a side order of dignity to those fighting to move up the ladder?

Minimum wage jobs are intended to be entry level. Nobody should be trying to raise a family on a minimum wage job. Once a worker learns skills they move up from entry level. I don’t know why we assume minimum wage needs to be living wage. By passing a minimum wage law you’re discriminating against all workers whose labor is not worth $15. You’re telling them to stay home because they’re not worthy.

Melissa Hastings Melissa Hastings
April 24th

I always find these conversations kinda funny. I lurk and read these daily, but for some stupid reason, figured I would say something.

Murphy is doing what he said he would do. I don't like his policies, but he is doing what he promised, granted a lot slower than he thought he could.

Illegal Immigrants - instead of giving them everything from our services, how about help them become legal. At that point, they have access to the programs. Regardless of what people think, they do a lot of work around us. I would say the majority are good people. I don't think they should get free tuition, or licenses just because they are here. Earn it. One of the pieces of DACA was that the recipients of the program were to become citizens. Enforce that.

Minimum Wage - fine, it is going up. Keep in mind it is going to cost everyone a little more. Cost of business goes up, cost of services/merchandise goes up. If you are against business owners making so much, start your own. They are not going to cut their income when they can pass the expense to you.

Guns - our gun laws are getting a little stupid. It is mostly feel good stuff. NJ wants to charge more for the permits, fine, but what they are proposing is extreme. There are laws to do federal background checks, which NJ does. However, NJ does not feed the federal database due to laws regarding privacy. Most states don't feed that. How about we fix that instead of making it harder for legal gun owners.

Pot - right now, it is not legal in NJ due to the money. Face it, if the state agrees to how much they can make, it would be legal. It won't stop the street dealers, their prices will be lower, and most users today have a network of where to get what they want. You want to expunge records? fine, but don't you think up to 5 pounds is a little ridiculous? if you have 5 pounds of pot, you are dealing, that is not recreational.

Anyways, back to lurking...

PickleNJ PickleNJ
April 24th

I love it, the only argument that you people can come up with anytime you don't like something that a Democrat does is to use the word "socialist" . Thankfully, the younger generation doesn't buy into your "fear mongering" . Turn the channel. Fox news, or rather "state tv" isn't doing you any favors.

where do I sign ?

tangerine tangerine
April 24th

That's fine if you want to make minimum wage $15 per hour. You'll see places like McDonalds become more automated and some products at other places go up in price. Shouldn't we be more about getting people more skilled than giving more to people who just want to do the bare minimum.... Just a sign of America moving closer and closer to socialism which will bring everything toppling down one day.

Metsman Metsman
April 24th

Murphy needs to consider hard-working folks who pay their bills and save little by little. Instead he seems to favor those who many of which have little accountability, work ethic, etc. In addition, to being a Union groupie just to propel him later in his future ambitions.

I'd just like to point out that Mr. Tone wrote "you is not bright!!"

Hey why not $100 per hour min wage? That would be easier to live for sure.

Alison D Alison D
April 24th

Why anyone voted for him in the first place is a mystery. Raising taxes, gas tax, rain tax, sanctuary state, giving millions to illegals for free college education while legal citizens have to pay. You got what you voted for.

Where do I sign ?

What part of you owe 100 BILLION DOLLARS to the RETIREES of N.J. don't you get? That equals how many border walls? Recall Murphy all you want, but the credit card statement is coming in the mail anyway.
Bottom line is with the tax bills the way they are, and the declining services, decrepit infrastructure and poorer standard of living your homes are worth half of what they are listed for, and anyone buying one in NJ has bought a dead cat. It ain't 1950 like it was for grandpa and grandma, when Lucky Strikes were in, and you bought a home for 10k and sell it 400k even though it reeks of cabbage and Rheingold beer.
What is going to be fun is when the obese lady sings and that hyperinflated stock market takes a massive defacation. It's a giant pump and dump, and folks the pumping is full bore and makes everyone feel like they just popped an 80.
Do what makes yourself feel good-in fact instead of just signing a petition, get active! Join the committee, walk door to door, and tell everyone how you feel and get them to sign for you-make your case to the public and be an active participant. It could have the side effect of thinning those thighs and losing that belly at the same time, it's a win win!
Perfect for springtime.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
April 24th

"It doesn’t say it anywhere it’s just common sense which isn’t so common sd" Hmmm, well, as the King of being common, I guess you would know...…
just kidding... It seems to me that it is not common sense, but more a common belief which you, and others, hold.

The reason that it is not common sense is the definition of minimum wage itself:

Webster: 1: living wage
2: the lowest wage paid or permitted to be paid

International Labor Organization: "The purpose of minimum wages is to protect workers against unduly low pay. They help ensure a just and equitable share of the fruits of progress to all, and a minimum living wage to all who are employed and in need of such protection."

Ask yourself: if a minimum wage does not stand for a living wage, why even have one? What's the point of having a wage floor if you don't care what the floor stands for?

I can understand the "common sense" of believing that many making minimum wage do not need a living wage. The High School student theory. However, no matter what the wage is, HS students won't make living wage unless it's during the summer when they get 40 hours in.

However, when 50% of McDs workers or Walmart workers sign up for Food Stamps, one might deduce, using common sense, that the wage or the hours or both they have does not support them and INSTEAD, we support these McDs workers and Walmart workers with our tax dollars via welfare. Get that: we support full time workers with our tax dollars because they don't make a living wage. This allows Walmart, for example, to artificially keep their prices on their Chinese made goods artificially low because their labor force is not paid a living wage and must be supported via your tax dollar subsidies that allows them to keep the prices on Chinese goods lower than they should be and the Walmart profits as high as possible ("Walmart’s 4th-quarter profits and sales beat Wall Street projections" WAPO 2/19)

I am sorry --- where was the common sense in that? We use our tax dollars to supplement higher Walmart profits and less-than-survivable wages?

Factually -- does raising the minimum wage help or hurt the economy? We still don't know. Conservatives say it will lower employment. This is certainly true, initially at least. Progressives say a rising tide lifts all boats as higher wages put more money into the economy. It's too early to say whether either or both are true. My guess is both are true.

IMO, the initial effect is for business to act efficiently to get the same results for the same dollars --- that means less people, less hours, or both. The long term effect is that workers making a living wage are more beneficial to the economy than those working in poverty while simultaneously being on government subsidy. Workers living below the poverty level are a drag on government and the economy. It is bad for the psyche not being self-reliant when working a 40 hour week. Raising salaries to a living wage benefits the economy allowing folks to purchase what they need to live creating a more robust economy than an economy relying on the tax-supported, welfare-payment generating, unhappy, struggling to survive, working poor.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
April 24th

So why should we continue to subsidize the workers with welfare? Wouldn’t it make more sense to stop meddling and pull the welfare back? Stop subsidizing their workers? Why pile more government meddling on top ?

Like him or not, Murphy won fair and square as Trump did. We complain about Democrats trying to overturn a valid election, and then we turn around to do the same? How ridiculous. We lost. Get over it. Otherwise next time a Republican is elected governor, the Democrats are just going to sign a petition and drag him out of office too? Where will it end ?

Pcisnt4me Pcisnt4me
April 24th

What your saying makes sense SD (in the first half...I stopped reading) actually does.....but you are still going to pay for it be it from your tax dollars or from inflated product cost...its money out of our pocket either way.

But you are failing to see that if wages go up, up goes product cost....and ultimately we are right back in the same boat where those new wages are not that great's a viscous cycle that will always occur...regardless

We should repeal welfare programs so we don’t need to set a minimum wage.

Emily Fields Emily Fields
April 24th

Elections have consequences. Your side lost. Better luck next time.

HackersShouldDie HackersShouldDie
April 24th


Its better to train people to get better jobs rather than just a raise for the same job...that breaks the cycle

"Like him or not, Murphy won fair and square as Trump did. We complain about Democrats trying to overturn a valid election, and then we turn around to do the same?"

This comment for the win.
Game set match

callitlikeIseeit callitlikeIseeit
April 24th

Instead of trying to get rid of the last few unions, (good luck getting rid of the police union for example) let's just bring them back for everyone.
Now a guy who is a roofer can afford his taxes as he will bring home a decent paycheck for example. This will level the playing field.
The problem is not unions,the problem is only SOME having them,when others do not.
So either everyone has one or no one has one.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
April 24th

Sorry, part time readers will not get responses ;-)

If wages go up, you have more money to buy product at higher prices.

Ah, cost-plus pricing. Better known as marketing-by-dummies. Actually, you can look to the principal of “price stickiness” as just one of the many reasons to see there’s not necessarily a direct relationship between cost and price increases. Otherwise, we would have all taken a hit when credit card surcharges changed recently. They went up, some vendors added a credit card surcharge, price did not change and most have removed the surcharge. If you had read more, note the initial reaction of business to retain cost points. Survey says....that’s what’s happening in place like Seattle where min wage has been raised.

Or ask yourself this. As one of the lowest min wage countries amongst all developed nations; shouldn’t everything we buy have a lower price than in those countries? Rationalize that against your theory...

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
April 24th

Only 38.5 percent of New Jersey's eligible voters cast a ballot in the 2017 gubernatorial election
— 3.56 million stayed home.

So YES, the Numbers are there to Recall him IF people decide to do it.

Where do we go to sign the petition?

Theres a reason why NJ is the most moved from state in the US. Highest property taxes highest car insurance, sanctuary state, corrupt as they come , double dipping galore, should I go on.....

wrestlref wrestlref
April 24th

Sd have you been to Seattle it is turning into a hell hole I was there visiting my sister who’s a doctor. And I’m not saying all of Seattle but the university disctric is a mess go 5 mins from the space needle more homeless than I’ve ever seen. It’s very comparable to San Fran .There are more tents and homeless people than I could count and to top it off the homeless we’re aggressive. I have never seen people openly pissing and taking dumps or have seen people openly using needles on a street in front of me. So I don’t want to see our state become like Seattle we don’t need a tent city in hackettstown or anywhere else. I’m sorry.

Good question Keri. It looks like you have to do it on their FB site, but I don’t have FB.

Is there another way besides FB to sign the petition?

Positive Positive
April 24th

So I ask again, why don't you leave if you don't like it, and let those of who are do like it stay here in peace and not try to **** all over everything?

alpha1beta alpha1beta
April 24th

Pcisnt4me, if you are trying to compare the complaints about Trump to the complaints about Murphy as equals you are out of your mind!

There is a huge difference between straight making stuff up so you can complain and what is going on here :->

The election is over and Murphy won. Elections have consequences, just look at the people trying to take down the President. I recall Obama telling John McCain that at a meeting in the White House shortly after he took office. The way to make change is through the Ballot Box.

Drew: and how is that connected to minimum wage or NJ?

Lots of newbies, one-hit wonders, and comrades logging in...........feisty ones too.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
April 24th

Alpha, I do not know your situation, but as for mine....I have lived in NJ all 42 years of my life. I own a small business here, my customers are local. Sure I could move to PA and commute to our area, but realistically, the homes on the NJ/PA border have become highly taxed too.

April 24th

Alpha I love nj it just needs to be ran better with actual leadership. I enjoy a good debate as well

alpha1beta, I turn you own question around on you with the topic of the current president.... why don't YOU just leave as opposed to ****ing all over everything?

And I believe you just answered you own question!

Dodgebaal that 100 billion is not going to be paid in full.

Sd it’s connected by that’s were our state is headed for the 15$$$ minimum wage and it has turned Seattle or most of it into a hell hole thsh I don’t want to see happen here. Sorry not sorry. You mentioned Seattle and theee minimum wage so I thought I’d give you so facts

Petition we can sign to recall Murphy is where?

Petition we can sign to recall Murphy is where?

Wherever you would like it to be. Go file to make it legal, grab yourself a clipboard and hit the pavement. Start an online petition. Don't wait for someone else if it means this much to you-have the courage to do it yourself.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
April 25th

"Minimum wage jobs are intended to be entry level. Nobody should be trying to raise a family on a minimum wage job. "
"That's fine if you want to make minimum wage $15 per hour. You'll see places like McDonalds become more automated and some products at other places go up in price."
"Hey why not $100 per hour min wage? That would be easier to live for sure."

What's funny is how mothers try to hire babysitters for $8 per hour, yet claim they should be paid $32 per hour.

"According to a much-publicized survey released by, a stay-at-home parent works about 96 hours a week and should earn an annual salary of $162,581. This high figure reflects the multitude of roles the stay-at-home parent assumes. "

dodgebaal dodgebaal
April 25th

Stay at home parents are the key to restoring American society.

There is no proof that a $15 minimum wage causes homelessness. Yes, Seattle has a higher minimum wage. Yes, they have a big homeless issue. They also drink coffee.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
4 weeks ago

Seattle is a lost city just like San Francisco. For the love of Pete, wake up and smell the coffee. I really hope the Starbucks guy runs as an independent. That will make Trumps re-election victory even larger LOL at the sanctuary dummies out there that have caused this debacle in both major cities out west and now Governor Murphy wants to duplicate that failure of leadership right here in the beautiful garden state. WOW! Wake up Njeans.

GreyHawk GreyHawk
4 weeks ago

Found this, although its not the main one.....the comments are hilarious...I personally find it revealing that people are finally realizing what the democratic party is all about

The comments on that page are nuts. And even here. Most of you can't even name what you don't like about the governor. You just don't like him. You can't name what he's done that's extreme. (Hint, maybe one thing?)

alpha1beta alpha1beta
4 weeks ago

Forget the gun stuff....he couldn't get a single snow storm right this year and wasted millions of our money on that alone. I also disagree with the sanctuary state B.S. as well as trying to make pot there is three for starters.

I bet if it wasn't for the pot topic he would have a heck of a lot less supporters

"I bet if it wasn't for the pot topic he would have a heck of a lot less supporters"

Yup, I have spoken to many voters, since his election, who said that was the only reason they voted for him. Most of them were people who never bother to vote too. Some people's priorities are interesting. ;-)

Wouldn't it be cheaper to just move to a state where it's legal than to vote for a guy who wants to tax pot up the wahzoo and will raise the price of everything else he possibly can?

Calico696 Calico696
4 weeks ago

How about providing millions (of our tax dollars) for free college education for illegals, while legal citizens have to pay.

The gun thing is the only thing that could be extreme but several other states have done similar.
Sanctuary state isn't extreme nor is not handling one (the first) snow storm well. Also, Chris Christie is the first governor who regularly declared states of emergency for snow. (You can fact check me, here

Among other things, he bucked his own party when they proposed a change to how legislative districts would be drawn that would likely disadvantage republicans.

You call him an extremist. It's what we call terrorists. His actions do not rise to the level of extreme - not by the state, the party, or the country, especially with this president.

You're all just the most selfish, whiny, crybaby snowflakes to ever wander the planet. You show you have no idea what you're talking about, and many of you show you are more extreme. You're more toxic than superfund sites.

Greyhawk, you need your wings clipped. Also, get my name right.

More folks than not have no views, just outright bias with no facts.
Positive, yup, sportsfan, just bash, many others don't contribute at all. Mr. Tone spews belligerent nonsense and can't even sling an insult correctly and types like a coked up 13 year old playing Call of Duty. Dadof3 can't even read a post and respond to it.
Darrin finally contributed a tiny bit.

Drew, BC and a few others actually raise valid points and try to have a debate. Samian raised the point I was hinting too.
For all the disagreement, the lurker, PickleNJ made one of the best thought out posts here.

But not Greyhawk, you have never been one. You are a divisive voice just spreading your vile opinions through nonsensical posts comparable to most Trump tweets. The Russian trolls I see on twitter aren't even as vile as you

alpha1beta alpha1beta
4 weeks ago

Bob: Your statement is misleading at best.
here's the facts:

The pricetag is well worth it to help raise them out of poverty and make sure the recipients and future generations don't sap welfare services.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
4 weeks ago

alpha1beta .. relax, chill, geez.

My statement is not at all misleading. It is in fact a fact that taxpayer dollars (millions) are being given to someone who is here illegally for a free college education.

Why ? Why wouldn't he give that hard earned tax payer millions of dollars to a legal US citizen, maybe even from Hackettstown that would love to go to college but can't afford it.

He is sending the wrong message.

How about we worry about the urban areas with kids who don't go to school and end up in jail, over illegals that don't belong here..... The irony of it all is the people in those areas voted for that clown and he does nothing for them....

Snow storm budget waste; source Darrin?

Is Seattle’s problem, now extended to all sanctuary cites? I guess it rained puppy dogs and kittens before we established the minimum wage and there was no homelessness before we had an illegal alien problem. Get some facts Grey, leave your tropes at home.

College oddbob? I know you hate facts but please; source this new law. Source something. Anything? After all, opinions are like....even bobbob has one.

Extra credit; can anyone tell me what nj sanctuary state even means? I know it’s bad nut it sounds so good. Source please. Otherwise, you’ll just hawk one up.....;-)

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
4 weeks ago

Your statement is absolutely misleading, and you made it even more misleading with your follow up. The legislation authorizes, "immigrants living in the country illegally to apply for the same state-funded college financial aid programs offered to other New Jersey residents." So yes that same exact money is available to students from Hackettstown. I'm glad to hear you're in favor of trying to make a college education free though, that's a pretty major Democratic platform.

Reasonable Reasonable
4 weeks ago

I'm wondering why my hard earned taxpayer dollars are going to someone who is here illegally.

Bob: I can't chill, Murphy hasn't legalize weed yet....joking, I don't smoke and never intend to.

Reasonable is right, the its not a free ride, it's some assistance - 1.6M in total. It's also dreamers - people who were brought here so young they didn't have a say in the matter and have never known another country as home - and are held the to the highest standards and pay to be in the program.

Also, just to be technical 1.6M is not "millions".

To be fair, it also says financial aid - which is often loans. It says the majority received Tuition Grants (yes, free money) I am not sure from what I've seen if its all grants or if some are loans.

And yes, a tiny bit of your hard earned tax dollars are going to help someone who was brought here without their say in the matter, illegally, which means they have a chance to pull themselves up in life, learn skills, get good paying jobs and not be a leech on society's ass as they might be if they couldn't get an education and had to work at Wal-Mart while you pay for their food stamps over 60 years.

Many of you talk about working hard to get ahead in life. This is exactly what this is - giving folks a opportunity to work hard and get ahead.

Some simply math - assuming each person in NJ equally split the cost, and no business or federal tax dollars are considered, it costs about $18 for each of NJ's 9M residents - about $0.05 per working day.

Many of you probably give more than that at Church on Sunday (or whatever your holy day is).

I'll leave the math up to someone else to figure out what the cost of paying for court and deportation or the cost of a lifetime of social assistance would be for 513 people.

Bob, I assume you work hard for your money, but this is one of those things that is just a good idea - you contribute $0.05 a day and it helps save money from everything from welfare to hospital care for someone who was brought here with no say of their own.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
4 weeks ago

Alpha1beta....I am sorry (no I really am not) but are you FREAKING KIDDING ME with this comment!?!?!?!?!?!?

"You're all just the most selfish, whiny, crybaby snowflakes to ever wander the planet. You show you have no idea what you're talking about, and many of you show you are more extreme. You're more toxic than superfund sites."

Did I really just read that...coming from YOU?

Have you looked in a mirror lately???

Hi kettle

Isn't it all about your point of view? Comments like "well worth it" means what? To someone that has been frugal to sock away cash over the years am I supposed to start giving this up? Isn't there a saying that begging hands are never satisfied?

It’s almost Friday and Mueller time was a waste of time.

And Murphy giving money to ILLEGALS is NOT okay.

Why even Cher realized that letting the illegals loose on an already fiscally burdened city is a bad idea.

What I’m saying is when I go to Newark airport and make a wrong turn I don’t want to see more homeless people than I already do. Newark is doing alright it’s startign to come but we don’t needs loads of homeless there or in any city. I love hackettstown and our state couldn’t imagine being anywhere else

alpha1beta.. I have no problem with this, Reasonable is correct. It is assistance. I guess I'm having a hard time with too many things being handed to illegals. (and don't beat me up, I just can't find a way to phrase it at the moment)

My grandparents came over the legal way. Earned a living, went to school at night, learned the language. Nothing was ever given to them. They worked hard and earned it. I get my work ethic and morals from them.

It just drives me crazy that people come over illegally and we all wind up paying for them. They are milking the system. Some don't work, free medical bennies (I pay for mine), ect. ect. If they come over legally work hard, earn a living more power to them, America is a wonderful country. I feel lucky to live here. I would like to keep more of the money I earn, not give it to someone who is here illegally. Come in with welcome arms.. legally.

I hope I didn't offend anyone, it's just how I feel.

By George HL, I think I got it.....ty for the insights

All of you: I pay more taxes so I deserve more benefits.

I have more education therefore I am stupid.

I was poorer than you, not I am not. So, compared to me, you are lazy and should work harder, retrain yourself, get a better job.

Tax dollars are not to be spent by the people elected to do so unless I like it.

Mueller time was a waste of time because I didn’t read the report therefore if was nothing. I guarantee Suze didn’t read it.

Teachers are thieves and liars so they are the best role models for kids who believe they can be President. .

Giving a loan and giving money away are same thing except that loans go to beggars

I like my illegals stupid just like me.

But bobbob, I can help. Just change your name to josejose, jump in the air and yell ===I'm illegal. No one will check and now you can have all those bene’s. Tada!

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
4 weeks ago

I love you Stranger

alpha1beta alpha1beta
4 weeks ago

The sad part is he’s not going anywhere and even if he did we would be such with someone worse Sheila Oliver.

alpha1beta, when you say that “Sanctuary state isn't extreme” I must disagree. Keep in mind the innocent citizens murdered by criminal illegal aliens who had been harbored in so called sanctuary locations in California and Arizona to name a few. Recently, New Jersey was added to this list when a young woman from Patterson was raped and murdered by an illegal alien who had been previously deported. In many cases the illegal alien perpetrators had been deported, some multiple times, but they managed to return to the U.S. and commit these murders. They were protected by the sanctuary umbrella of the cities/ states where they chose to embed themselves for the purpose of protection. Some were not held upon detainer request from ICE because sanctuary cities/ states have directed their law enforcement officials not to work with ICE. This is a problem and although you might consider that it’s not extreme, I disagree for the aforesaid reasons. The killing of even one innocent individual by a criminal illegal alien is unacceptable. These so-called sanctuary cities/ states are complicit in these crimes because they refuse to work with federal officials to identify and remove criminal illegal aliens.

Here you go.

New Jersey is now a sanctuary state effective March 15th, meaning that local and state authorities are forbidden from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

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