boxes for moving

Hey all, where could I get boxes in the local area? We have quite a bit to pack up. Any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks.

Bottle King, Shop Rite, Weis etc.

Calico696 Calico696
April 23rd

Lowe's, Home-depot, Staples all have them. Also the UPS store, U Haul, as well as some of the Self Storage places in the area.

If you want free very often on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace they are offered free. You can try Bottle King, Shop Rite liquors as well as both Shop Rite and Weiss supermarkets for free boxes.

Grocery stores are your best bet but be sure to talk with them ahead of time so they are set aside. Most stores have box crushers to maximize disposal so if you just show up there may not be any intact.

Joe Friday Joe Friday
April 23rd

There are also some big warehouses in town. Most of them have a "truck" day. If you called them ahead of time, I am sure they would set them aside for you. Good Luck! :)

Sunshine Girl Sunshine Girl
April 23rd


Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
April 23rd

hi, Washington Liquors on W Washington Ave gives them away

Call first so they don't break them up first

John, if you still need some I have a bunch.........could be 10 or 20 I didnt count lol Message me on here, using the little envelope and we can make arrangements for you to snag them. Free for the taking, just pass them on when you're done if they are still in shape.

littlelu littlelu
April 24th

Shop Rite egg boxes are the best!!

Thanks for all the suggestions! I didn't realize how available these all are. I'll also message you directly, littlelu. Much appreciated, everyone.

Lowes, HD, and Staples all have moving supply sections in their store. So you might find other goodies you need as well.

keep in mind the regular boxes at Home Depot and Lowes and Staples are el cheapo. Get their heavy-dutiest ones.

Buy some packing paper and bubble wrap at Home Depot. Makes packing dishes much quicker.

I emailed you back John B

littlelu littlelu
4 weeks ago

Boxes are on my porch! Anytime you can make it is fine with me..........I'm home all day.

Sent another email.

littlelu littlelu
4 weeks ago

Thank you very much! Sorry for the delay, work got crazy. I emailed you back and my wife said she had texted you when she was on her way. Thanks again!

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