Coy wolf

Last night 3am , taking my dog out we got spooked. This animal was white looked like a dog, but Enormous.
Quick check associate said it was seen there around 130 am.
I'm on rt 46.
It went over the guard rail near Canal street
Anyone see this animal?
Be aware going out, it was big.
Not a dog.

Wendy D Cirinelli Wendy D Cirinelli
Apr '19

Probably a coyote.. They are around..It didn’t attack and took off that is a good thing..

Mr. Tone Mr. Tone
Apr '19

Which quick check? And where abouts on 46? I’m on west valley view with dogs.

Apr '19

We definitely have coywolves in this part of NJ. I saw one last year while hiking in the water gap. Looks like a slightly smaller wolf. They are very good at living in populated areas and staying out of sight. Apparently there are 20+ known in NYC.

Eperot Eperot
Apr '19

While there is speculation that Coyote's mated with wolves in Minnesota and Saskatchewan on there way east, there is little factual evidence towards that. There is however quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that larger animals do better in colder climates, and as the coyotes of the west migrated north and eventually south to our part of the world, larger ones would have fared better.

There is also lots of evidence that the coyotes we have here in NJ are almost twice the size of the ones in say California, but almost identical to the ones in upstate NY and Western PA. They can be upwards of 60-80 pounds, which is a pretty large dog. They can kill deer and have a pretty well documented taste for dogs and cats. So do not mess around with them, but in general they will leave people alone.

I've seen a lot of them in Liberty, Allamuchy and one on Grand Ave up by College View a couple of years ago. They have bee in the area for over twenty years.

Agust Agust
Apr '19

and any animal can be albino - saw an albino raccoon a few years back at Waterloo Village - strange sight - took me a few to realize what it was - If I can find the pix I'll post

4catmom 4catmom
Apr '19

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