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I am looking for recommendations about who or where to go regarding stamp collections and or appraisers. I inherited my dad's collection and I would like someone to look at it and see if there is any value to it. I have struck out on local clubs. Any help would be appreciated.

Tracegirl Tracegirl
Apr '19

The subject has come up before, particularly if it's US stamps:

If you struck out at clubs then it's trying to tell you something. You can talk to some of the auction houses. You tell them the gist of what you've got and they'll tell you if it's worth continuing a conversation. If it is, then they'll want more specifics like either a list or photo/scans to see if it's worth putting in a sale or not.

Most US stamps aren't worth any more than postage if they aren't used. If they're used then there's not a lot that's worth anything at all.

If you type into your search bar "upcoming stamp shows" you will find that there are several upcoming shows within striking distance.

Longhorn, PA - May 19th

Edison, NJ - August

Gerry Gerry
Apr '19

Gerry - My father's family is from that area of southern PA in Bucks County. The correct spelling of the name of the place is "Langhorne" instead of "Longhorn".

There used to be a Stamp shop in Morristown right down the block from the Court House, called the Postmark. Not sure if they are still there, been a while since I have been in that area.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Apr '19

JrzyGirl88 - It was a few years ago but I think I mentioned this before. I worked in Morristown some 25 years ago and knew that guy. He had a lot of visitors in the shop that were law enforcement talking hunting and it really became more of a gun shop than stamps. He couldn't make a go of it on either account and closed long ago.

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